Press Release January 4, 2016
The Liberal government believes its recent election has empowered it to interfere in the raising of children, contrary to the views and expectations of parents.

This is indicated by its announcement that it intends to remove S 43 of the Criminal Code, which provides that parents can use physical correction to discipline children if reasonable under the circumstances.

The day to day life of parenting involves both love and discipline, applied with common sense in such circumstances as putting a child in a car seat, insisting they sit at the dinner table, or remain in bed, or from running out onto a busy street. Parents don’t need to be vulnerable to an on-looker making complaints to the authorities and thereby be investigated by social services for the ordinary common sense application of minor discipline to their children.

Yet, the Liberals think that the reasonable spanking of children is offensive.

In accordance with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendation #6 to remove S 43 from the Criminal Code, however, the terrible experiences of aboriginal children in the residential schools bears to relation to the day to day raising of children in ordinary homes.

The Supreme Court of Canada’s 2004 decision on S 43 of the Criminal Code is balanced in that it protects both children and families, and prevents the criminalization of parents and teachers who apply their authority in a reasonable manner.


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