REALity  Volume XXXII  Issue No.  7  July 2013

When MPs and senators defend bills redefining marriage, creating hate laws and transgender legislation, they claim to represent the interests of the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian Bi-sexual and Transgendered) “community”. But many people who label themselves as GLBT claim that these identities are a fiction. Some object to this “gender expectation”, which they consider to be sexism. These identities are at odds with one another, as is clearly demonstrated by incessant online disputes among these groups.

The current label now reads GLBTIQAC. These letters stand for: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Ally, Asexual, and Cis (the latter means those who accept their gender at birth). Then there are those who refuse to identify as either male or female. They prefer “gender non-conforming, gender-independent and gender-variant.”

Our trans-friendly legislators are covering up the profound disagreement that exists over these terms. Randall Garrison, NDP MP, and Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell, who sponsored the transgender Bill C-279 in the House of Commons and Senate respectively, adding “gender identity” to the Human Rights Act and Criminal Code, expect the courts and human rights tribunals to eventually tell us what this term actually mean. 18 Conservative MPs enabled C-279 to pass in the House of Commons.

There is, however, some straight talk on a gay website, which exposes the real confusion.

Here are some of the comments, which disclose the intense dislike that exists among these troubled individuals.

(We have eliminated the most offensive language and do not take responsibility for insensitive comments hurled back and forth.)

  1. Good. Let anti-gay trans activists be defeated
  2. Apparently, we are seen as having an obligation to do whatever trans activists want, even though the vast majority of trans activists are not gay and care nothing for gay people. The best thing that the gay community can do for itself is to abandon the deceptive concept of LGBT. Let’s be allies or friends with Ts, assuming they can moderate their homophobia. But the idea that we are one and the same “people” with them is a lie. Vancouver
  3. Trans bullying/Deliberately vague laws
    The homophobia and hostility of trans activists is just as prevalent in Canada as it is in the US.   This is typical of the hegemonic, bullying mindset of trans activists.
    Trans activists want to leave gender identity undefined because they can’t agree themselves what it means. That and it serves their purpose to terrorize businesses and individuals by leaving the boundaries of the law uncertain.
    Canadians have a right to know what the law is *before* they are hauled into court. When trans activists have tried to pull this nonsense of proposing a law without definitions in the US, as they did in Anchorage Alaska this year, the proposed law was quickly shot down. As it should be now in Canada.  Vancouver
  4. Hope it fails So sick of those panty-hose fetishists latching onto gay and lesbian political success. The DNA doesn’t lie – you cannot change gender. Vancouver
  5.  Other Comments
    We are happy to be friends and allies with anyone, but you have to get off of this notion that gays have consented to being absorbed into some kind of Borg alphabet soup collective, a contrived “community” that doesn’t exist in the real world. The alphabet soup is a political tool which allows trans activists to issue demands of gay and lesbian people. As allies or friends, they would have to ask for our help. But if they could get gay people to buy into the notion that there exists a singular beast called “LGBT people,” then they could simply demand. It was a nice trick and like all well-executed frauds, it had a good run. But there is no such thing as LGBT and never was. Ontario
  6. There is no GLBT Community
    There is no “community”! It is an invention by social worked queer theory gender infants who want everyone to be “friends” and not “haters”. Homosexuals of all kinds (gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals when they are same sex) are not a “community”. That word can mean anything from a demographic similarity to a sentimental picket fence of phony camaraderie and love. Trans are definitely not part of any “community” — only social workers and queered artists pretend there is one so that the youth will think they will have a safe nursary
    [sic] for their queerness. Get real and wake up. The alliance is over. Move on….
  7. Gay marriage has been the height of our self-involvement because it is about me, me me; nothing done on gay suicide, gay homelessness, gay isolation and addiction – nor do we support those who’ve supported US.
  8. There really is no true LGBT community. In various cities, there may be a collection of bars and stores in a neighbourhood that cater primarily to gay people (e.g, Church Street in Toronto), there may be a Pride Committee that holds an annual parade, and there may be a bunch of left-wing LGBT organizations that go on hate crusades from time to time (e.g., QuAIA, AIDS Action Now, etc), but there is no true community with the same bonds as other groups that one belongs to in life (e.g., family, school, work). Many people and groups in the so-called LGBT community actually hate or detest each other. At the end of the day, all that gay men and lesbians share is a common sexual orientation. Other than that, most LGBT people don’t have much in common with each other and really don’t enjoy each other’s company. In the course of a gay man’s life, he may find a relatively small number of other gay people who become his lovers, his sexual partners or his true friends, but he has little to do with the rest.

Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson, opposed C-279 because it contained terms which were undefined. Yet, some legislators refuse to look at the facts and prefer to vote on the basis of their feelings and what they consider is politically correct or progressive.

The above GLBT testimony indicates that the consequences of C-279 will be utter confusion, and perhaps the primary victims of the bill will be disturbed GLBT individuals, who appear to be deeply hostile to one another.