is a pro-family women’s movement.

Our common bond is our belief that the family is the most important unit in society.

We are dedicated to promote the equality, advancement and well-being of women whether in the home, the workplace, or the community, and to motivate government to integrate the needs of the family into government policy and legislation.

Editor’s Note:

REAL Women has been deeply concerned about the difficulties experienced by Indigenous communities.  Questions arise as to the many murders of Indigenous women committed, most frequently, by individuals they know rather than by strangers.  Why are the Indigenous people so heavily represented in our prison system?

Why are the Indigenous communities experiencing internal difficulties, such as, desperate poverty causing horrendous living conditions despite extravagant grants given to them by the federal government?

This cycle of tragedy and sorrow experienced by aboriginals must be stopped.

A detailed analysis of some of these problems can be found here The Family makes the Difference on EVERYONE – Analysis, February 2, 2023


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