Our Mission

To promote the equality, advancement, and well-being of women, whether in the home, the workplace or the community.

What We Do

  • We promote family-friendly policies in government, the media and the courts.
  • We educate the public, and mobilize individuals to promote and defend life, marriage and the family.
  • We produce REALity, a monthly news publication which provides updates and analysis of political and social issues that impact women, the family and society.
  • We appear before Parliamentary committees to speak in support of pro-family policies.
  • We intervene in courts on behalf of women and the family.
  • We attend meetings of the United Nations and the Organization of the American States, of which we are members, to promote the family.

Our Objectives

  • To reaffirm the natural family, mother, father, children, as society’s most important unit.
  • To promote the equality, advancement and well-being of women.
  • To promote and defend legislation upholding the understanding of natural marriage and family life.
  • To support government and social policies that make homemaking a viable choice for all women.
  • To support the right to life of all innocent individuals from conception to natural death.

REAL Women of Canada promotes family-friendly policies in government, the media and the courts.