Ottawa, Ontario                      August 22, 2018

Petitions to Repeal Wynne’s Sex-Education
Curriculum – A Success!

Dear Friend,

We thought you would like to know that the request for petitions in support of the repeal of former Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne’s awful sex-education curriculum by PAFE (Parents as First Educators) was a marvellous success.

The petition campaign commenced on August 2nd and in the first 10 days of the campaign over 10,000 signatures on paper were obtained from all over Ontario.

PAFE is continuing to collect petitions and will be delivering them to MPPs in advance of the September 24th, 2018 reopening of the Legislature.

Please continue to collect names on the petition during the next few weeks.

You can download the petition form by clicking here and the instructions by clicking here.

Please send your petition forms to:

Parents as First Educators (PAFE)
2336 Bloor Street West
P.O. Box 84556
Toronto, Ontario M6S 4Z7

Why the Success of this Petition Campaign?

The tremendous success of this petition campaign was a powerful indication of how Ontario parents completely reject Wynne’s sex-education curriculum. The parents have spoken. Their concerns fortunately have been heard loud and clear by Premier Douglas Ford.

Phony Agitation by the Left

In contrast, the left-wing agitators who support Wynne’s curriculum have experienced great difficulty in raising public objections to Premier Ford’s decision. They have been obliged to rely on a petition drafted by an NDP MPP and the NDP party has resorted to gathering its own signatures for their petition. Unions, which supported the NDP during the June provincial election, are doing their best to support the NDP opposition against a revised curriculum. For example, the union representing Ontario’s 60,000 public school teachers, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) announced that it will defend any of its members who, in exercising their “professional judgment” support and promote Wynne’s curriculum in the schools.

Numerous left-wing educators, health care groups and school boards have also stated that they will continue to implement Wynne’s sex-education curriculum, ignoring directions from Education Minister Lisa Thompson. Ontario’s Principals’ Council representing principals and vice-principals from public elementary and secondary schools also stated that its members have been advised to follow directions from the school boards which dissent from the imposition of a revised sex-education curriculum.

Who is in Charge of Education?

This raises the question as to who is in charge of education in the Province of Ontario? It is the Ministry of Education, not the teachers and school principals who are obliged to follow the curriculum provided them by that Department. To claim that teachers have the jurisdiction to disobey the official curriculum is mindless nonsense. Their declaration only indicates how remote and out of touch they are with the majority of Ontarians and how detached they are from their official legal responsibilities and duties as teachers.

Students and parents should be alert, nevertheless, to any attempt by a teacher to try to implement Wynne’s disgraceful curriculum, and report this deviation directly to the Minister of Education, Lisa Thompson.

The mainstream media have also relentlessly pushed for the retention of Wynne’s curriculum – never disclosing how unpopular it is with the people of Ontario. For example, the NDP organized a demonstration at Queen’s Park at which less than fifty people attended. The media pretended this demonstration was a grassroots spontaneous demonstration of hundreds of concerned citizens. It is not surprising that the media no longer have credibility.

There has been little resistance to Premier Ford’s withdrawal of Wynne’s curriculum even from left-wing “progressive” parents. The left did, however, manage to locate six families to launch a Human Rights complaint to try to stop the repeal of Wynne’s sex-education curriculum. The lead applicant to this legal challenge was an 11 year old transgender “girl” from rural, Ontario. We know already what the decision is of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal. Its decisions never have any bearing on fact, law or logic, but only on extreme ideology.

There are hundreds of thousands of school children in the Province of Ontario. Why should they be subjected to a disgraceful curriculum in order to conform to the problems of six troubled families who require counselling and medical assistance, not official approval, for their misconceptions.

Concerned parents of Ontario have demonstrated that they are not to be trifled with, and mean business when their children’s future is at stake. Good for them. Keep those petitions coming!

For the Family,
REAL Women of Canada