Ottawa, Ontario                                                                                                September 12, 2018

Premier Doug Ford is a Real Leader

Whether one agrees with or rejects Bill 5, which reduces the number of Toronto City Councillors, is not the issue.  The real issue is whether the legislature of Ontario, which was elected in June, speaks for the residents of Ontario or whether an appointed judge should do so.

The Charter of Rights, which includes the Notwithstanding Clause (Section 33), would never have been passed if the provincial premiers had not insisted on its inclusion in the Charter.   It is significant that Trudeau Senior also agreed to include the Notwithstanding Clause in the Charter.  It is a perfectly valid provision in the Charter and should be invoked by a legislator when a situation arises.

Premier Douglas Ford is a Premier who has the gumption to block the control of the provincial legislature by an erratic judge.  Too many judges use the Charter to strike down legislation they do not personally like. They do so by interpreting the vague words of the Charter to suit their own personal perspective.

Judges must return to their proper role of interpreting the law rather than making the law according to their personal views even though they may arrogantly believe that their decision is for the “good” of the public.  Judges are in no position and are unqualified to make public policy decisions.  That is up to the legislature to do so.  It is for the provincial legislature representing the public to determine policies which are in the public’s “best interests”.

Ontario is fortunate to have a Premier such as Doug Ford who refuses to be pushed around by a renegade judge who pompously imposes his will on the public.

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