Ottawa, Ontario                              August 9, 2018

         Ontario Sex-Education Curriculum

Dear Friend,

PAFE (Parents as First Educators) have been overwhelmed with petitions (great!).
As a result, it has been difficult for PAFE to pick up the petitions.

PAFE has now requested that the petitions be placed in the mail addressed to PAFE by Monday August 13 if you live in southern Ontario (earlier if you are in northern Ontario). To download the petition form, click here. To read the instructions, click here.

EXCEPTION: If you have more than 100 signatures, please email or call PAFE to arrange for pick up by Monday, August 13, at 10:00 a.m.: or 416.763.7233; otherwise, please mail the forms.
Remember – you must send the original forms with original signatures. You cannot submit them by email or fax and DO NOT send them to the Premier or to any MPP directly. To have your petition presented in the Legislature, PAFE must have your originally-signed petition forms.

Please send your petition forms to:

Parents as First Educators (PAFE)
2336 Bloor Street West
P.O. Box 84556
Toronto, Ontario M6S 4Z7

For the Family,
REAL Women of Canada