Ottawa, Ontario                                                                                                                                      Dec 7, 2023 


The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) Declares Christmas is Discriminatory 

Something is seriously out of whack with the CHCR. It has declared that Christmas is discriminatory, based on our colonial past. 

What is the CHRC? 

The CHRC was established in 1977, supposedly to protect human rights under federal jurisdiction. The CHRC, although an independent agency, receives $32 million annually from the government to operate. It has 200 employees, including seven Commissioners (four female and three male), all appointed by Prime Minister Trudeau. These Commissioners have backgrounds in “social justice” issues. This means that they are experienced in woke, progressive activism. 

The CHRC is a powerful quasi-judicial agency that is permitted to use any evidence it chooses to reach its conclusions. This means that it is not bound by legally established rules of evidence as used in the courts, which for example, exclude hearsay evidence. The Commission chooses which complaints to pursue. It rarely selects complaints from conservative individuals. In recent years the CHRC has leaned heavily towards racial complaints. 

On October 23, 2023, the CHRC released a report “Discussion Paper on Religious Intolerance”. In this paper, it was stated that Christmas is discriminatory, based on Canada’s history of colonialism. The report stated, “Statutory holidays related to Christianity including Christmas and Easter are the only Canadian statutory holidays linked to religious holidays”. The report went on to say that Christmas is “the observance of Jesus’ birth and is an obvious example of religious bias”. Canada Post appears to have missed this message. Its 2023 Christmas stamp portrays the Madonna holding the child Jesus.  

Such a blatant attack on Christianity by the CHRC is evidence that it is discriminating against the Christian faith and Christians. The CHRC has also failed to grasp that the tenets of Christianity are the foundation of Canada. Our laws are based on Judeo-Christian principles. Christianity is the dominant faith of Canadians and Christmas is a traditional celebration for most Canadians, regardless of their faith or absence of faith. Those of other faiths are also allowed extra days off to celebrate their own days of obligation. 

It is useful to remember the foundational contribution of Christianity to civilization. This includes the concept of hospitals (developed by monks and nuns in medieval times); the recognition of the value of each individual human life; respect for women and the upholding of their dignity; provision of learning for everyone; and the abolition of slavery.  

Indeed, the very idea of “human rights” is something the CHRC is supposedly tasked with promoting. Rights recognized by our Charter of Rights and Freedoms owe their existence to the Christian theologians and canon lawyers of the Middle Ages. 

Further, the CHRC clearly does not know what it is doing. Most non-Christians have no problem with the Christian holiday. A Leger poll taken in 2022 found that 92% of those who grew up in a non-Christian culture or non-Christian household said they were not offended when people wished them “Merry Christmas”. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, a Sikh, stated the obvious in his 2018 Christmas card: “For Christians around the world, this is a time to celebrate the life and teachings of Jesus Christ – and his message of compassion, courage and empathy … to recommit ourselves to building a more just and equal world where we all rise together…Merry Christmas.” 

The Role of Newcomers to Canada 

The CHRC grossly misunderstands the position of immigrants in Canada. They are warmly welcomed, provided they accept and support the Canadian values that have provided freedom and prosperity for centuries. Freedom of conscience and speech, religious tolerance, respect for others, the rule of law, and legislative and judicial procedures provide security for all Canadians. 

Newcomers are required to adapt to Canada and our values. Canada is not required and cannot be required to adapt to the values of others. Simply put, newcomers are required to integrate into Canadian society. We welcome newcomers who do not strive to change our country but wish to share our peace and prosperity and contribute to it.  

CHRC is NO Moral Leader 

The CHRC is a source of division and hate in Canada. It must be disbanded. Canadians will be better off without this ideologically fixated, intolerant, and discriminatory agent of the state. 



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