Poll after poll shows that the vast majority of Canadians believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.  It is becoming increasingly clear that Canadians are no longer approving of left wing woke policies. As a result, Conservative policies can no longer consist of repackaged progressive policies that are merely a continuation of Trudeau and Liberal failures. Times have changed.

With the prospects of an election coming sooner rather than later, and the end of the eight disastrous years of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government, there are many issues which will need to be addressed to reverse Canada’s painful economic and social decline.

REAL Women has compiled a list of policies that should be prioritized by the Conservative Party when it comes to power.

Last month, we forwarded this list together with a background explanation to the Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, and the Conservative caucus.

This list of policy areas include:

  1. CBC and media
  2. Economic recovery
  3. Repeal of MAiD
  4. Equal treatment for women in crisis
  5. Restoring democratic institutions

REAL Women thought that this list and the background explanation might be useful for our members. You can always add any editions to the list.

Should your constituency have a Conservative MP, it would be helpful if you could contact him/her about these policies so that the MP can then raise them in discussion in caucus, and hopefully, they may be implemented by a future Conservative government.

The details of these policy recommendations can be found here.

A list of Conservative MPs can be found here.