Disney has abandoned the creation of programs to delight and entertain its audience. Instead, it is using its productions as a propaganda tool to give children a powerful message to accept the normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism. 


Disney’s 2023 Christmas movie, released November 23, 2023, on the Disney Channel and available on Disney+, is an alarming example of Disney’s policy. This movie is called “The Naughty Nine”. It follows nine children on Santa’s naughty list, who decide to go to the North Pole to steal back their Christmas gifts from Santa. The female leader in this movie is depicted as one of five children, with two dads and no mother. One of the other children is a boy named Jon, who refers to another male as a “hottie” and describes him as “cute”. This sexually charged language is being viewed by children, some of whom still believe in Santa. Its purpose is to indoctrinate children to accept homosexuality and such relationships as normal and reasonable. 


Disney Admits it is Risking its Profits 


On November 29, 2023, Disney submitted a report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in New York, in which it admitted that its controversial stance on social issues “could” endanger its bottom line by causing financial “risks” to its investors, related to its “misalignment” with the public and consumer tastes. The purpose of this report was to provide financial disclosure to its shareholders. The report was submitted by Disney CEO, Bob Iger, who was being disingenuous about the fact that what is killing Disney is the political message it is providing. For example, in 2022 Disney produced 24 movies that included an LGBTQ theme. Disney has produced more such films than any other studio in Hollywood. 


What’s Behind Disney’s Self-Destruction? 


As discussed in the July 2023 REALity, many US corporations including Disney, are being pressured by the wealthy investment company BlackRock to push a woke, progressive agenda. Blackrock is a multinational investment company which controls roughly $10 trillion in assets. It has been pressuring US corporations since 2018 to promote the personal woke, progressive opinions of its CEO, Larry Fink. Besides this, however, there is additional pressure, according to a whistle blower, that Disney has an internal culture that requires a radical leftist point of view in order to be advanced or even employed in the organization. Consequently, it is difficult for Disney to get back on course when its employees are dead set against changing its LGBTQ programming. Unfortunately, Disney is a big ship. It is going to require a lot of time and deft determination to get back on course. CEO Iger, a homosexual, will have problems in doing so. In fact, one wonders how enthusiastic he will be to undertake any change of course. 


Disney is still making a profit because of its other business ventures, including extensive copyrights, it has been forced to release 5000 of its employees. It has also lost its “brand” as parents can no longer be confident that Disney Productions will not continue to be used as a propaganda tool for the LGBTQ community. Further, Disney’s shares have fallen catastrophically on the stock market. 


If Disney does not change course, it is just a matter of time before it ceases to exist.