Ottawa, Ontario                                                               May 24, 2023


Media Release

 David Johnston is a Faithful Friend of Trudeau

David Johnston’s report on Chinese intervention in Canadian political affairs establishes the incontestable fact that Johnston is a faithful friend of Prime Minister Trudeau, but not of the Canadian public. Denying a public inquiry which would have disclosed actual evidence by subpoenaed witnesses, Johnston has instead assumed he will personally be heading an inquiry. By assuming this role, Johnston has removed the last shred of integrity and public respect for himself because of his obvious bias. He will selectively choose witnesses, ask delicate and evasive questions so as not to reveal any failure by the Trudeau government that clearly would benefit from the alleged Chinese intervention.

According to Johnston, he reached his conclusions against a public inquiry by speaking to “high level officials including Cabinet Ministers and MP’s,” without doubt all Liberals, and the examination of “a large collection of documents”. What documents? What do they contain? The public is not meant to know. Johnston assures us that there is “no conclusive evidence to support the most serious allegations”.

Who should Canadians trust in this affair: Johnston, a fond Liberal supporter and admirer of all things Chinese, or the professionals in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)?

Canadians are supposed to go along with his charade. It is a total, conspicuous fraud. It is another Liberal endeavour to escape responsibility.

Johnston’s final conclusion on Chinese intervention in Canadian elections will be meaningless and an insult to our intelligence.


Gwendolyn Landolt

National Vice-President and Legal Counsel

REAL Women of Canada

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Diane Watts


REAL Women of Canada

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