Feminists believe that they know what is best for women.  Together with the mainstream media, they have pushed their policies forward as self-evident truths, from which no deviation is allowed.

There’s no policy more fervently promoted by feminists than the one that women can only be equal to men if they take their place in the labour force, earning a wage.  They claim this enriches women’s lives, and gives them independence from the patriarchy.  They offer no other path for women.  Progressives believe that remaining at home caring for one’s family is “wasting” women’s potential, arguing that they make no meaningful contribution to society.

But something is changing.  More women are rejecting the feminist propaganda which is to maintain their careers because motherhood is career suicide. This has been endlessly played and repeated on the feminist soundtrack.  However, there is a new movement, indicating that women are resisting the feminists’ siren call and are instead, making independent choices to remain at home caring for their families.

Feminists and Media Fight this Trend

The feminist movement and the mainstream media are not taking this trend lying down.  Vice (a extinct liberal digital Canadian media outlet), The UK Guardian, NBC, CNN, The New York Times, as well as other Liberal outlets, have all denounced the “tradwife” trend, alleging that it has sinister connections to right wing extremism and racism.  These progressives view the trend as something rotten, absurdly claiming it relates to white supremacism and fascism. They also allege that women who choose to look after their homes and families as a priority, are “traitors” to other women and therefore, must be silenced and publicaly castigated.  Simply put, feminists and the woke media continue to insist on controlling women’s lives, permitting no choices other than those which they dictate.

All Women are Not the Same

Women have different life experiences and different values based on their cultures, religion, education, and ethnicity etc.  Consequently, women cannot be herded into one single career path.  For example, some women have experienced a broken family growing up, with a struggling mother trying to financially support the family.  They don’t want this stress and burnout for themselves.  They seek another kind of life. Some women raised by full-time working mothers felt deprived of motherly care.  Other women find the daily grind of working and caring for the family overwhelming and want another kind of life where they can focus on their home and family.  There are also women who find being a cog in the corporate or business world unfulfilling.

There are some women in the workplace – usually well educated, wealthy, and white – who can afford to leave their caregiving responsibilities to others, who are in some cases un-educated, poor, minority women.  The latter can’t always afford proper care for their own families and they work because they must do so.  The reason many women are obliged to enter the paid workforce is in order for their families to survive financially.  There are other women, too, who are in the paid workforce because the additional income allows them to have a better lifestyle.  Whichever pathway women follow is a matter of choice and depends on their differing and unique perspectives and beliefs.

It should be noted that women making the choice to remain in the home in no way consider themselves to be of lesser importance than their husbands.  Rather, their home, family and beliefs have much greater meaning and importance to them than toiling in the marketplace.

Liberal Government Policies Direct Women’s Choices

One of the dreams of many middle class families is not only to own their own home, but also to support their family on one income. Unfortunately, Canada has adopted the feminist approach to women in the workplace. Rather than respecting women’s diverse choices, this ideology seeks to push them into the workplace since this generates tax revenue and improves the nation’s gender equity statistics.

The Liberals under Trudeau have engaged in this strategy, for example, by including a national daycare program and targeting job training for women. This government believes that a record number of women in the labour force is a sign of success.  By streaming women in only this direction, both women and their families may be the losers.

Importance of Independent Choice

If a woman chooses to prioritize family and home over personal career advancement, her choice should be respected and recognized as valuable to society.  Success in life may not necessarily be professional achievement but the valuable contribution to society that is made by raising children to be capable, kind, stable adults, who have the ability to improve the world for all of us. Having children should not be seen as just a burden, and the time consumed in doing so not as simply a liability. Many consider raising children to be life’s greatest joy. There is no greater accomplishment than bringing up a child, developing his/her character, and providing that child with stability by a mother’s steady presence in the home.  Raising and caring for children can bring joy beyond one’s wildest dreams. Society should be preparing our youth to undertake this fundamental experience.