Ottawa, Ontario                                                              June 28, 2023

Extremists Attempting to Control Children in New Brunswick

          New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs introduced an amendment to the province’s education Policy 713 on gender identity. The amendment provides that students under 16 years of age must have parental consent before allegedly transitioning to another sex. If parents do not wish to give consent, the new policy says the student should be referred to a psychologist or school counsellor to discuss how to speak with their parents.

This amendment has caused an intense fight within the province. It is so intense that Mr. Higgs has faced revolt from some members of his cabinet and there is talk of a leadership review or even a snap election.

On the 27th of June Mr. Higgs appointed new cabinet ministers to replace two who had resigned.

More than 20 Progressive Conservative constituency presidents, however, and 50 members have signed a letter calling for a review of Mr. Higgs’ leadership. This meets the threshold requirements for the party’s governing body to consider the matter. Whether a review will occur is yet to be decided.

A problem similar to this one in New Brunswick, occurred in 2019 in Alberta when the United Conservative Party (UCP) under Premier Jason Kenney repealed a policy which prohibited teachers from informing parents when their children were planning to transition or join homosexual clubs. That policy had led to children being removed from school grounds to be indoctrinated in unacceptable sexual activity by “facilitators”.

Parents simply cannot trust some school authorities to have decision making power over their children.

The issue is, who is responsible for the children? Is it the parents who know and understand and love the children, or is it individuals within the education system who want to use the children as tools to promote their own progressive extremist agenda? Parents would be fools to allow their children to fall under the control of these extremists.

Parents must maintain authority over their children. No child under 16 years of age has the maturity to understand the implications of so called transitioning, which renders them incapable of a normal life in the future with marriage and children, because of the hormone treatments and surgeries of the transitioning process.

Below is a petition prepared by the pro-life organization RightNow on this critical situation in New Brunswick.

REAL Women urgently requests its members to sign the petition.

Click here to sign the petition:

Please share this petition with your family, friends and neighbours. We cannot allow this attempt to harm the lives of our children by those who want to use them for their own purpose of promoting their ideology, for which there is no scientific evidence.