Posted August 20, 2015 by Lou Iacobelli , Everyday for Life Canada
Dr. Miriam Grossman spoke in Mississauga, on August 18

Two nights ago, Dr. Miriam Grossman spoke about the dangers of the new sex “education” curriculum to be implemented in Ontario schools this fall to a packed hall at the Red Rose Convention Centre in Mississauga. The event was organized by a number of parental groups that have been protesting against the radical sex curriculum: HOWAcrp, Canadian Families AllianceCampaign Life Coalition, Coalition of Concerned Parents, Parents Alliance of Ontario, PAFE, PEACE Ontario and Thorncliffe Parents Association. The Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne has so far refused to listen or truly address any disagreement regarding the curriculum.

Dr. Grossman is a practising physician, writer and speaker. She’s known all over the world for having the courage to speak out against the current push by many governments, including Ontario’s Liberal government, for comprehensive sex education in schools. It’s a strategy to sexualize children. Dr. Grossman calls it the sexual “education” industry. She has given speeches at the United Nations and the British House of Lords. Her writings have been translated into numerous languages. She argues strongly in protecting children’s innocence against activists, governments and powerful lobby groups that are pushing for a misguided sexual “freedom” instead of the safety, health and well being of students.

She began her talk by saying that she had read the Ontario sex curriculum and had come to the conclusion that she has, “Never seen anything like this.” She was referring to Ontario latest 2015 Health and Physical Education document that contains a section dealing with sex “education” for Grades 1-8. Dr. Grossman made it clear that being interested in children’s health is an important family and societal goal. The document effectively covers many topics including the importance of physical exercise, the proper diet and hygiene, the risks of smoking and the responsible use of alcohol. On these issues, parents should support the curriculum. After all they want to make sure that their children have a healthy and sound lifestyle. However, Dr. Grossman pointed out that the new curriculum contents fail badly in the area of human development and sexual health. Why? Because the sex curriculum makes it a priority to shape student thinking rather then teach them the science of sexual and reproductive health.

Ontario’s sex curriculum uses the Marxist approach to human reality, according to Dr. Grossman. She went on to say that we cannot sacrifice the health and possibly even the risk of death of children for an ideological driven curriculum. We need to teach children, when it’s age appropriate, the facts and the science about human health. Much of her practical knowledge about students and sexual health has come from her years working at the University of California, in Los Angels. Students she discovered aren’t given all the facts about the risks of having sex even when it’s protected by using a condom. To warn young people against these dangers, she wrote two books Unprotected followed by You’re Teaching My Child What?

The sex curriculum for Dr. Grossman is biased against the majority of children. Genes in part define the human person. It’s not merely culture that shapes our roles as males and females. People like Allred Kinsey and John Money got the science of human sexuality completely wrong. But the Ontario curriculum teaches that there are no real differences between the sexes once we undo the stereotypes of homophobia, gender roles, sexual orientation and gender expression. This is misleading. The curriculum states that we need to overcome our assumptions and stereotypes as in “Not everyone has a mother and a father–someone might have two mothers or two fathers.” Genetically this is not so. Every person has a biological “mother” and a “father” even if they don’t know who they are. The physical human body cannot be socially constructed.

Dr. Grossman in referring to the Ontario sex curriculum stated that the school system need not teach children who are six years old the names of all the reproductive body parts. She noted that the American Psychological Association says children should be taught only what they can understand. And so when it comes to making a sexual plan about having sex, giving consent as well the use of condoms young students cannot properly deal with the information emotionally, intellectually and morally. The insurance companies are aware of this medical fact and refuse to issue issue policies to young people. Why? This is because the frontal cortex of the brain, the part that controls decisions and judgments, is not fully developed in children. The Ontario sex “education” has not taken the neuroscience of early human development into account in developing the curriculum.

Next, the Ontario sex curriculum doesn’t mention the greater health risks associated with anal sex as compared to vaginal sex. The former Unites States Surgeon General C. Everett Coop gave this warning, “Condoms provide some protection, but anal intercourse is simply too dangerous to practice.” This statement is no longer politically correct, but the science behind it has not changed. The sex curriculum also doesn’t warn young girls of the higher risk of contracting any number of sexual infections that can be a lifelong health problem and even lead to death when young girls begin having sex at an early age. The cervix develops more immunity as the female body gets older. Girls should be told this fact. Better yet, give parents the option to decide when it’s best to teach what and when to their children on the subject of sex. Dr. Grossman wants to empower parents to take control of what their children learn about human sexuality.

In addition, the Ontario 2015 sex curriculum violates the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. This is what Article 30, Section C states: The development of respect for the child’s parents, his or her own cultural identity, language and values, for the national values of the country in which the child is living, the country from which he or she may originate, and for civilizations different from his or her own.” The Liberal government has refused to respect these rights of the child, including parental rights, cultural values and religious beliefs.

From the loud and warm applause at the end of her talk and at many other places throughout her presentation it was clear that parents who came to hear her speak appreciated the sound information Dr. Miriam Grossman shared. It’s reassuring to parents who have been protesting the radical sex curriculum across the province to be told by a doctor and an expert on human development and sex that science backs their concerns. So, their efforts to get the age inappropriate sex curriculum withdrawn aren’t misguided and unfounded as the ruling politicians are telling the media and the public. Thank you Dr. Grossman to your unfailing dedication to tell the truth to protect children’s health, innocence and safety.