REALity – Volume XXXIV No.8 August 2015

WHEREAS all human beings are entitled to respect and dignity;

AND WHEREAS all human beings are equal in their humanity and require the same rights, including a provision of a place of safety in the world;

AND WHEREAS differing abilities in individuals do not change the requirement to provide equal rights to each individual;

AND WHEREAS Individuals with Down syndrome and other disabilities contribute joy and humanity to society and to their families;

AND WHEREAS individuals with Down syndrome or other disabilities are not a burden to society, but make a contribution as participating members of society, and also frequently contribute as tax paying individuals to society;

AND WHEREAS approximately 80% of Down syndrome unborn babies in Canada are not permitted to be born, but are aborted because of the prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome or other disability;

AND WHEREAS genetic counsellors and other healthcare providers do not always provide support to assist in carrying a baby to term, or provide up-to-date scientific information about prenatally diagnosed conditions, or refer for support services;

AND WHEREAS it is acceptable in today’s society and even considered a duty to abort a baby with Down syndrome or other disability;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT no person shall purposely perform an abortion if that person has knowledge that the pregnant woman is seeking the abortion because her unborn child has Down syndrome or another disability;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT parents who have been advised of the probability of the birth of a Down syndrome child or a child with disability, be provided with support services, including counseling, social and financial support, both before and after the birth of their child;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT a physician shall have his/her license removed for performing an abortion for reason of the unborn child having the disability of Down syndrome or other disability.