Speaker:    Dr. Miriam Grossman MD  (Panelist at WCF IX in October 2015)

This event is past but here is a review by LifeSiteNews Reporter Lianne Laurence, Click Here

When:        Tuesday August 18, 2015

Time:          6:00 PM

Place:         Red Rose Convention Centre                   1233 Derry Rd E                     Mississauga ON L5T 1B6

Admission FREE (free-will offering)

REAL Women of Canada encourages Ontario parents to attend this important presentation. It is organized by a number of parental groups that have been protesting against the radical sex curriculum: HOWAcrp, Canadian Families Alliance, Campaign Life Coalition, Coalition of Concerned Parents, Parents Alliance of Ontario, PAFE, PEACE Ontario and Thorncliffe Parents Association.

Dr. Grossman is a practising physician with training in pediatrics and in the specialty of child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry. She’s known all over the world for having the courage to speak out against the current push by many governments, including Ontario’s Liberal government, for comprehensive education in schools. It’s a strategy to sexualize children. Grossman refers to it as the sexual “education” industry. She has given speeches at the United Nations and the British House of Lords. Her writings have been translated into numerous languages. She argues strongly for protecting children’s innocence against activists, governments and powerful lobby groups that are pushing for a misguided sexual “freedom” instead of safety, health and well-being. You may be interested in reading her book titled, You’re Teaching My Child What? You may also wish to visit her website.

Dr. Grossman is “on a crusade to reach as many individuals as possible, in the US and abroad, with biological truths they need to know, but aren’t being told”.

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