In 1979, China launched a one child only population policy in order to improve the economy and to fulfill China’s dream of surpassing the United States in global supremacy. It was hoped that such a policy would turn China into a modern, powerful country by 2035. By the year 2011, China proudly proclaimed that its population policy had resulted in the loss of 400 million people, which, it proclaimed, eliminated more people than the entire population of the United States. This Chinese policy was the most ambitious policy that any government had ever attempted, but has had devastating consequences.

This policy has left China with a rapidly aging population, and a country unable to sustain its economy because of the greatly reduced number of workers. It has also led to China’s inability to maintain its vast army. With fewer boots on the ground, the Chinese army has become a diminishing threat to the world.

Because of its population policy, the Chinese population increased by only 5.38 percent to 1.4 billion in 2019, which is the lowest increase since China began taking census in 1953.

This decline has also resulted in China having over 30 million unmarried “excess men” roaming China’s cities and towns. Due to the one child policy, millions of baby girls have been aborted or left to die, as the Chinese culture prefers sons to daughters. In fact, according to the census in China in 2020, there were 34.9 million more men than women in China. This lack of women has led to civil unrest in many areas where unattached males are causing disruption, the kidnapping of females, sex trafficking, and the normalization of prostitution.

Two Child Policy Implemented

Because of the civic turmoil, as well as a downturn in the economy, the Chinese government declared, in 2016, that a two child population policy would be implemented. This new policy, however, has had no effect. The Chinese culture has drastically changed its social norms about family size. Years of propaganda that a single child was a “better birth” and provided a better life for the child and the family, have had a devastating effect.

Nonetheless, the Chinese government, in desperation, announced in April 2021 that it would now be implementing a third child policy, increasing the permitted number to three children. Such a policy will have no more effect than did the previous two child policy. Significantly, this policy applies only to members of the Hun majority but not to members of the Uyghur Muslim minority, which the Chinese Communist Party is seeking to eradicate by forcing them into concentration camps.

The Brutality of the Chinese Population Policy

When China first announced its population policy in 1979, the world, for the most part, smiled approvingly, agreeing that population control was necessary. The UN Agency, UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), couldn’t have been happier with the Chinese population policy. It enthusiastically encouraged other countries to follow China’s lead.

Most of the world turned a blind eye to how China had implemented its population policy. The policy brought forced abortions and sterilizations if women exceeded the legal number of children. The government established “womb police” to keep track of women’s fertility and births, forcibly carrying out abortions on women at any time during their pregnancy. For those women who managed to hide until the birth of a second child, they were demoted at work, shunned socially, and the second child was excluded from ration coupons, putting their whole family at risk of starvation. Second children were often separated from their family right after birth, and female children, who had not been aborted, were left to die unattended.  This has contributed to a shortage of women, which has further reduced the number of births.

If the Chinese government arrogantly believes it has the right to control fertility, then there is no reason to believe that the Chinese population will not be subjected to forced pregnancies should they fail to “voluntarily” increase the population.  The Communist Party will begin an escalating series of bribes, threats, and punishments to ensure the people will do as ordered. The arrogance of China’s population control policy has caused China to walk itself into a terrible nightmare.