It’s difficult sometimes, for a reasonable person, to fathom what the Liberals are thinking.  Examples of their confused thoughts:


When asked during the election campaign, whether he was concerned about rising inflation in Canada, Mr. Trudeau replied that he wasn’t concerned about monetary policy – his concern was about families.  He apparently had not connected the dots that inflation affects the family, since it increases the cost of food, gas and all other consumer products.

Cabinet Minister for Women and Gender Equality Referred to the Taliban as “our brothers”

During a media interview, Cabinet Minister, Maryam Monsef (Peterborough-Kawartha), born in Iran of Afghan parents, but who mysteriously stated in her immigration application that she was born in Afghanistan, must have really meant to say that her heart was in Afghanistan, when she described the terrorist Taliban, who now have control of Afghanistan, as “our brothers”.  She, herself, is Muslim, but, apparently, had not been alerted by her staff to the fact that there is a difference between Taliban terrorists and other Muslims.

Ms. Monsef tried to explain away her remark as only a cultural reference.  It may be the custom in Muslim countries to refer to others as “brothers”, but Ms. Monsef was speaking in Canada as a member of the federal Cabinet, supposedly representing Canadians.  Why didn’t Ms. Monsef adapt herself to Canadian culture and practices?

Alternative Facts Provided by the Liberals

Liberal Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, posted a tweet, both in English and French, purporting to show that Conservative Leader, Erin O’Toole, responding to a question in 2020, favours privatized health care.  In fact, O’Toole stressed in the two-minute video the opposite to what Ms. Freeland claimed.  The Liberals had heavily edited the video to make it seem that Mr. O’Toole said something he didn’t. Twitter flagged the post as “manipulated media”. Even the Liberal-friendly CBC and the Toronto Star ran critical stories about what Freeland had done.

Instead of admitting this obvious mistake, Trudeau doubled down and continued to claim that Mr. O’Toole favours privatized health care.

Trudeau, as Prime Minister, has tearfully apologized for Canada’s regrettable treatment of homosexuals, Aboriginals, Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Ukrainian, Sikhs, etc., etc., etc., yet has oddly, never apologized either for his own or his party’s mistakes.

Helping the Media Meet its Bills

In 2019, the Liberal government set aside nearly $600 million to be distributed over the next five years in tax credits and other incentives to prop up media in Canada.  The government claimed that there was nothing political about this plan since it only wanted to ensure Canadians “have access to accurate, relevant news.”

In August 2021, Liberal Heritage Minister, Steven Guilbeault, announced a further grant of $61 million as “emergency relief” to the media.  According to the Minister, the grants were to ensure readers received “timely information they require from their government.” He refused, however, to release the identities of the media receiving this $61 million funding until after the election.

The list has been obtained through Access to Information and can be found at: .  It will help Canadians understand the Liberal Party’s favourable media coverage during the election.