Ottawa July 13 2017

The Trudeau government has been in power for nearly two years. During this time Canadians have learned that his government has not been tainted by either good judgment or common sense.  Nor has it been troubled by any facts that are detrimental to its decisions.

This government has locked itself into a twisted ideology that has become its obsession. It is seriously and continuously spending millions of tax dollars to further its obsession to entrench reproductive control in third world countries, especially, Africa.  This has become the cornerstone of Canadian foreign policy. Trudeau and his government seem unaware of the many global injustices that presently exist, such as female infanticide, lack of women’s rights to education and genuine health care needs including maternal and infancy care.  His Cabinet doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that health care includes medicine, vaccination, nourishment and clean water.  Doesn’t this government know that there is an impending famine in parts of Africa?  Doesn’t Trudeau realize that he is ruthlessly trying to impose his own personal values on Africa, when, at the same time he is ignoring Canadians’ opinions on the matter?

Instead, the federal government has unveiled what it calls “Canada’s First Feminist International Assistance Policy” with plans to eventually ensure that at least 95% of the country’s foreign aid be provided to “improve” the lives of women and girls by providing “reproductive rights” (abortion) and contraception.

Development Minister Marie- Claude Bibeau, at a news conference on November 26, 2015, stated “Contraception and even abortion is only a tool to reduce poverty”. Doesn’t she realize that poverty, rather than the population, should be eliminated by many other alternatives, such as access to education and the use of modern technology?

Trudeau and his Liberal government, have committed the taxpayers’ money to his personal obsession.

  • in March 2017, the government pledged $615 million for abortion and contraception including funding campaigns to make abortion legal in countries where unborn human life is protected by law;
  • In July, 2017 the Liberal government announced a grant of $97 million to the Democratic Republic of Congo for abortion, the latter of which is illegal in the Congo; doesn’t Trudeau know that 922,000 citizens of the Congo have fled their homes last year due to a long running conflict between various rebel groups there? Doesn’t Trudeau know that the Congo is in the midst of a political and economic crisis, and that it requires help, not abortions that this country never requested or desired?
  • Also announced was $20 million in funding to the notorious U.S. Clinton Foundation for reproductive control in Nigeria, aimed at young women and adolescent girls. This foundation was at the heart of the cash-for-access scandal that dogged Hillary Clinton during her failed bid for the U.S. presidency.

Certainly, Africa needs Canadian Foreign Aid, but the last thing it needs is that which Trudeau is thrusting on them.

Trudeau’s arrogant actions are cultural and racial Imperialism just like the old colonial masters.

Trudeau’s limited understanding of his role in the developing world countries is an embarrassment to all Canadians. His lack of knowledge and understanding of the world around him is a tragic reminder that he is ill-prepared to be Prime Minister.

Minister of Global Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, hypocritically stated in her June announcement on Canada’s new foreign policy that “it is clearly not our role to impose our values around the world”. What precisely then is she doing? Is it possible that the she and the Trudeau government aren’t thinking at all?


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