There are many reasons why Trudeau has become so spectacularly unpopular. One is his tendency to waste taxpayers’ money. He apparently believes that, as Prime Minister, he is entitled to spend national revenues according to his own personal whims, without being held accountable.

As a result of Trudeau’s spending, Canada has acquired an astronomical debt due to government borrowing to pay for his grand plans. The national debt now is just over $1.4 trillion. This debt requires that $54 billion be spent this year on interest payments. These payments exceed that of health care payments to the provinces ($49.4 billion) and child benefits to families ($31.2 billion).

Canadian families are currently floundering, attempting to survive under the heavy burden of inflation. Canadians also have one of the highest tax rates in the world. However, Trudeau continues to distribute grants to his favourite friends and for his personal obsessions.

Due to the large extent of Trudeau’s spending, it is not possible to provide a complete list of these grants, but the following provides some indication of Trudeau’s foolish, irresponsible abuse of the taxpayer.

Gender-Transformative Mine Action Funds for Ukraine

On February 24, 2024, the Prime Minister’s office issued a press release announcing a $4 million grant to Ukraine for the purpose of “gender-transformative mine action”. Nobody knew what this meant. The only certainly was that the press release was fixated on gender as the word appeared seven times. Some wondered whether the press release meant that landmines had a gender. Inquiries were made by the media to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and Global Affairs to determine what exactly was meant by the expression “gender transformative mine action”. The response to inquiries was not too enlightening. However, one may guess that the grant refers to gender responsiveness to fight gender disparity in Ukrainian communities as a priority for its reconstruction efforts. Simply put, but who would guess, the strategic goal seems to be to increase the proportion of female staff in regard to landmine actions. We never knew that was a problem. Meanwhile, the surface-to-missile system that Trudeau promised Ukraine in April 2023, that he said was “on its way”, hasn’t yet shown up in Ukraine.

Trudeau’s Vacations

Trudeau enjoys extravagant vacations. In the last 12 months, Trudeau took four separate ones, twice to Jamaica, a trip to Tofino, BC, and one to an elite ski resort in Montana. The cost for these vacations so far this year is more than $900,000. It is noteworthy that his trip at Christmas this year to Jamaica was $230,442 more than his holiday in Jamaica at Christmas 2022, which cost $162,000. During this more recent trip to Jamaica, Trudeau stayed at a private, luxury resort which cost $9,000 per night. Although a “family friend” paid for this accommodation, the RCMP security accompanying Trudeau cost the taxpayer $162,031. Further, the RCAF spent over $16,000 on accommodation for flight crew meals, per diem payments, and $42,000 on fuel and flight catering costs.

In September 2023, Trudeau took his 16 year old son, Xavier, along with a 51 member delegation, on a six day trip to “strengthen ties in the Indo-Pacific region”. The cost to the taxpayer was $2 million, which included $190,000 for catering during the flights and $422,000 for accommodation for the delegation, in addition to the usual RCMP and RCAF costs required for such trips.

The ArriveCan App Scandal

Of the many weird and expensive undertakings by the incompetent Trudeau government, nothing can match the saga of the ArriveCan App. The purpose of the App was to develop a screening for arrivals coming into Canada. The development of the App was budgeted to cost $80,000 but to date it has cost $60 million.

Incredibly, the contracts for the App were given to only three companies, which then promptly subcontracted the work at a commission, ranging from 15% to 30% of the value of the contracts, which usually averaged 21% of the contract’s value.

The three companies were GC Strategies, Coradix Technology Consulting, and Dalian Enterprises. GC Strategies and Dalian have only two members each, working out of their basements. Dalian Enterprises describes itself as an aboriginally owned company. According to Indigenous Services Canada, funded indigenous businesses are required to have at least one third of the work performed by indigenous workers and have at least 40 employees. There is no record indicating that Dalian has complied with these rules. The Aboriginal Dalian regularly partners with Coradix Technology for the purpose of applying for contracts under the federal Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business.

These three companies appear to be the preferred contractors for the federal Canadian Border Services Agency responsible for the ArriveCan App. Evidence submitted to the Commons Public Accounts Committee indicates that these three companies have had contracts with the Border Agency at the equivalent rate of $2,600 per hour. These three companies have received hundreds of other contracts from the government since 2011, worth more than $ 1 billion. There is no evidence that these government contracts were ever tendered out but seemingly were sole sourced contracts awarded to these three companies.

Auditor General Karen Hogan issued a report on ArriveCan on February 12, 2024, in which she revealed a glaring disregard for basic management practices. She reported that GC Strategies even assisted in drafting the terms for a $25 million contract it ultimately won. In her audit, Ms. Hogan found numerous irregularities and misconduct, with missing paperwork which may have been destroyed. Ms. Hogan called the bookkeeping on these contracts “the worst I have ever seen”. During hearings at the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, it emerged that David Yeo, the founder of the Dalian company, was working as an employee in the Department of National Defense at the time his company was contracting with the government. He did not disclose his conflict of interest.

Trudeau Raises MPs’ Salaries

On April 1, 2024, Trudeau announced a huge pay increase for Canadian Parliamentarians. Trudeau’s salary is now $406,200 annually, a $17,000 increase. Opposition leader, Pierre Poilievre’s salary is now $299,900, an increase from $287,400. The salaries of Trudeau’s incompetent cabinet ministers, who merely serve as a focus group for him, were increased to $299,900 from $291,400. The Environment Minister, Stephen Guilbeault, recently announced, for the sake of the environment, that the federal government would not provide any new roads in Canada (This statement was thankfully retracted under pressure) and that all vehicles must be electric by 2035. He has been rewarded for his lack of realism and common sense. The salaries of backbencher MPs, who formerly received a basic salary of $194,000 each year, have now been increased to $203,100. Canada’s MPs are now almost the highest paid politicians in the world, second only to members of the US Congress.

In past years, during hard economic times, MPs have agreed to freeze their salary increases. However, despite Canada’s high inflation rate, which has led to some families being unable to buy fresh milk for their children, and long lineups at food banks, there has not been a peep from MPs suggesting they freeze these increases.

Further, Trudeau announced that the federal election in 2025 will be delayed a week, from October 21 to October 27. The effect of delaying the federal election by a week means that 80 MPs, elected in 2019, will now become eligible for a pension since the change in date will enable them to complete the required six years of Parliamentary service. This will cost the taxpayer an estimated $120 million over the lifetime of the 80 MPs.

This self-serving change provided pensions for 22 Liberal MPs, 32 Conservatives, six NDPs and 21 Bloc Quebecois MPs. According to current polls, Conservative and Bloc Quebecois MPs do not have any concerns about receiving a pension. This decision to postpone the election allows the losing Liberal and NDP MPs to put their snouts in the public trough, for one last time.

CBC, Liberal Propaganda Tool

The ultimate objective of the CBC seems to be to prop up the Trudeau government. The Liberals pay handsomely for this service. CBC president and chief executive officer, Catherine Tait, receives a salary of $497,000 annually. Ms. Tait was also paid a further $4,119,309 in expenses, between 2021 – 2023, despite the CBC’s hugely declining revenues and viewers. On January 30, 2024, when Ms.Tait appeared before the House of Commons Heritage Committee, she stated that the CBC was “chronically underfunded” and had to “stretch” its resources to meet its mandate. Right on cue, Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge announced the CBC would be granted a $90 million increase for a total of $1.4 billion a year. At that hearing, Ms. Tait also announced that 600 employees would be laid off. Nonetheless, somehow, the CBC may scrape together $14.9 million in bonuses for executive staffers. The CBC has 7,479 employees, of which 1,143 staffers receive bonuses. As long as the CBC continues to support the Liberals, the money will flow. Consequently, voters should never believe a word the CBC has to say, especially during the 2025 election when the CBC will double down in promoting the Liberals and Trudeau since its very existence depends on the Liberals’ re-election.

Trudeau’s Candy Bar Treats

Trudeau hands out grants as casually as candy bars to his friends in the abortion and homosexual industries.

An international PhD student in Reproductive and Developmental Sciences, Kate Wahl from Germany, developed a website called “My Choice”. Its purpose is to help women choose their appropriate abortion procedure, whether the abortion pill or abortion surgery. The website discusses what to expect from each option, and after completing a secure and anonymous questionnaire, women will receive a personalized recommendation designed “to support conversations with their healthcare provider”. In 2024, Health Canada gave a grant for this website to adapt the website into French, Mandarin, and Punjabi. Ms. Wahl had also received a previous grant, in May 2020, from the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) for $150,000 to research and assist PhD and post-doctoral students in their career path in health care. In May 2023, UBC received funding, a total of $4.2 million, from Health Canada to work on “removing barriers to vital abortion services”.

On May 9, 2024, the federal government announced a $1.7 million grant to support gender and sexual minorities abroad. $1 million of this grant was to be spent on a research project to stop the stigma and discrimination targeted at homosexuals in foreign countries, $70,000 of the grant is to go to Rainbow Railroad, a Toronto based LGBT group that helps such people escape persecution in their home country. The objective of this grant is to target pro-family legislation in foreign countries, such as Africa, that are “impeding homosexuals in living out their identity.”

EGALE (Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere)

Between 2017 and April 2024, the Trudeau government gave the activist homosexual group, EGALE 38 separate grants obtained from different government departments. The grants were to promote the homosexual agenda in Canada. The grants totalled $23,753,102.92. Examples include one dated February 26, 2024, from the federal Department of Public Safety for $2,649,591 to “Explore the experiences of domestic violence and unsafe home environments for 2SLGBTQI people within the context of the COVID-19 epidemic”. Another grant awarded on March 1, 2023, for $577,322 was made by the Department of Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE) for the purpose of “developing community informed solutions to key barriers and gaps facing 2SLGBTQI communities”.

The remaining 36 such grants to EGALE covered similar territory.

Foreign Affairs

The Liberal government has pledged an average annual funding of $700 million for sexual and reproductive health and rights starting in 2023. Commitments in this area include developing “Canada’s leadership in global health and gender equality including the UN Agenda on Sustainable Development which includes gender rights.”

In addition, Canada provides $2.2 billion to the UN. However, this institution no longer focuses on the relief of poverty and the elimination of diseases, but now has, as its priority, the promotion of abortion, homosexuality, and transgender rights. This is due to the fact that 70% of UN funding is provided by Western countries, which are intent on forcing their anti-life/anti-family values on the developing world. As a result, no matter the subject of each UN conference, a struggle always occurs over these controversial issues which dominate the conference.


It is dispiriting to read this abbreviated list of Trudeau’s extravagant spending. He is deaf to every request by the public to provide common sense to his spending. His failure to do so has caused the ship of Canada to go adrift in a sea of chaos and confusion. One wonders whether there is anyone actually working in the Prime Minister’s office, since there seems to be no controls or restraints to provide some order to the chaos which permeates this nation.