The New Brunswick Conservative government under Premier Blaine Higgs changed a policy on transgendered children which now requires children under 16 years of age to have parental consent to do so.

This caused a firestorm among left wing extremists in the province and across Canada.

Mr. Higgs responded to the criticism explaining that the changes to the policy are about “ensuring parents feel respected and have a voice” in the procedure. Two cabinet ministers resigned over the issue, but were quickly replaced. The silent majority in the province and also across Canada has supported Mr. Higgs’ decision. This support is reflected in a poll commissioned by Canadian think tank, Second Street on May 2023 which indicates that 57% of Canadians believe that parents have that right to be informed if their child wants to change gender identity.

Below is REAL Women’s pro-family letter to Mr. Higgs thanking him for his reasonable decision to provide a parental  role in a child’s momentous decision to make a life altering decision to permanently change his/her life.


REAL Women to Mr. Higgs

Dear Mr. Higgs,

REAL Women of Canada is a nondenominational national women’s organization federally incorporated in 1983. Our members come from all walks of life, occupations, social and economic backgrounds. We are united by our concern for the family which we believe is the foundation of society.

Our organization wishes to extend to you our sincere thanks for your amendments to Policy 173 requiring students under 16 years of age to have parental consent before allegedly transitioning to another sex.

No child under 16 years of age has the maturity to understand the implications of so called transitioning, rendering them incapable of a normal life in the future with marriage and children, due to the hormone treatments and surgeries in the transitioning process.

The issue gives rise to the question, who is responsible for the children? Is it the parents who know, understand and love the children, or is it individuals within the education system who use the children as tools to promote their own progressive extremist agenda? Parents would be foolhardy to allow their children to fall under the control of such extremists.

According to newspaper reports, the New Brunswick Association of School Psychologists (NBASP) is opposed to the amendment to Policy 173. There is no credible scientific evidence to support transgenderism, or the claim by the association that to refuse this procedure is harmful for a child. It is disturbing that members of the association are apparently using their professional status for political purposes to promote their own personal views. There can be no doubt that parents must maintain authority over their children. REAL Women of Canada is very grateful for your support of this critical principle.


Gwendolyn Landolt

National Vice-President and Legal Counsel

REAL Women of Canada

Tel:  905-787-0348