Planned Parenthood has caused a national uproar after parents in Lumsden, Saskatchewan complained about extremist materials made available in sex education class. Health Minister Dustin Duncan called the materials “completely inappropriate” in the classroom, adding “I have directed and will be directing boards of education and administration to suspend for the time being the work in schools of Planned Parenthood as it relates to their involvement in health and wellness courses.”

The story behind this is that a grade 9 student brought home a deck of cards, “Sex: From A to Z”, with cartoons detailing extreme and obscure “sex acts.” “There’s a lot of different kinds of porn – there’s something for everyone” one of the cards suggests. No grammar lesson here! The cartoons introduce defecation, urine and semen play, domination and risky sex. The U card is for urophilia, which states is “pissing and crapping on your partner”.

The R card is for “raw sex,” i.e. unprotected against AIDS transmission.  The cards advise that this personal preference should be accompanied by regular testing for HIV and sexually transmitted infections.

If the students “personally do not enjoy” the cards they are instructed not to make fun of them, as the instructor is to guide them with statements such as “A lot of people think that’s really hot!” It appears the children are more in tune with reality than the sex facilitators.

The controversial card producers appear to be unconcerned about behaviour which would lead to transmission rather than prevention of disease. Planned Parenthood has long been accused by international family organizations of sexualizing young children in order to expand its profits.

These vulgar cards have also previously been handed out to grade 8 and 9 students by a public health nurse in Fort Nelson BC, and to middle school students in Chilliwack BC.

The cards are a federally funded product

What is so appalling is that Health Canada’s Public Health Agency paid card producer Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) $4.15 million in federal funding for fiscal year 2021-2022, according to the list in Public Accounts under the heading “Contributions in support of the Federal Initiatives on HIV/AIDS.” CATIE has charitable status and 96% of its revenue comes from government sources.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t see a problem

Regina executive director Julian Wotherspoon was disappointed with the suspension: “people of all ages have a right to that information about their sexual health.” She claims the group responsible for the sex cards (CATIE) is a “reputable source for material that is engaging, informative, sex-positive and stigma-reducing.”

When mainstream media reported on this latest scandal, over 200 comments online reiterated that this was totally unacceptable, disgusting and sick. Some noted this was another strike against Justin Trudeau’s profligate special interest funding, mindlessly disrespectful of ordinary Canadian parents, students and educational institutions. Others called for disbanding Planned Parenthood. Many felt that jail time was appropriate for anyone involved in initiating young people into harmful “lifestyles.” Taxpayers need to know the extent of this interference by the Trudeau government into the domain of the family and education, which are matters of provincial concern only.