The UN was formed in 1948 as a global institution to provide decisions by reasoned negotiation and consensus, to achieve world peace, international security, and humanitarian aid for the needy.  The UN has failed in all respects.

Instead, the UN has become a corrupt, manipulative institution, led by a few Western countries, which fund 70% of the UN budget. They are using the UN as a political tool to secure political, social, and economic control of the world’s population.  This agenda has ruthlessly been carried out by installing UN bureaucrats sympathetic to the West’s perspective, such as the Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, as well as heads of all the UN agencies, the UN “experts”, and the committee heads who run the organization.

The heads of the UN agencies ignore the decisions of the UN’s governing body, the General Assembly, and use their position at the UN to promote abortion, homosexuality, and transgenderism as international human rights, even though these issues have been firmly rejected at the General Assembly.

An example of the disarray at the UN occurred on November 11, 2022, when a major fight broke out at the General Assembly over the contentious issues of abortion, homosexuality, and transgender ideology.  Western delegates were shocked when nearly 60 countries upended the negotiations and refused to capitulate to the West’s demands.

It seems that more countries are now realizing that the United States, Canada, and the European Union, as well as the donor countries of Scandinavia, are attempting to enact policies at the UN to bypass and undermine democratic, legislative debates in their own countries.  Simply put, the sexual activists on the left want to impose gender ideology and abortion as international rights without having a democratic debate either at the UN or within individual members’ countries. Instead, they want to change domestic laws, claiming that the UN members are obliged to do so because of international law created at the UN.

Consequently, Western countries have flooded the UN with resolutions that include ambiguous terms like “sexual and reproductive health” and “intersecting forms of discrimination” as the basis to promote their controversial issues.

Pro-Life Increasingly Shut Out

To provide a snapshot of the intense manipulation, deceit, and distortions that Western countries are using at the UN, the recent meeting on March 6-17, 2023 of the Commission on the Status of Women gives insight into the debacle occurring there.

Each year, the feminist agency, UN Women, arranges and supervises the Commission on the Status of Women Conference (CSW).  Thousands of feminists descend on New York City to attend this meeting. However, they are continuously frustrated at these meetings by pro-life/family delegations, assisted by pro-life/family NGOs, who block their proposals.

As a result, the feminists concluded that the 2023 CSW conference would serve as a feverish push to overcome this resistance.

Consequently, diplomatic assaults came in wave after wave throughout the conference, but particularly during the grueling last evening and early morning sessions. The conference was supposed to end at 6:00 PM Friday, March 17, 2023 but, as frequently happens at contentious UN sessions, the meeting was prolonged until 4:00 AM the following Saturday morning, March 18. This long session was deliberate, in order to exhaust the diplomats. They were forced to negotiate for over 48 hours with almost no breaks, and barely any food or sleep. They were also forced to negotiate without interpreters who punctually left the negotiations at 6:00 PM.  Of course, this created difficulty for delegates whose first language is not English.  This also forced the diplomats to negotiate without adequate time to consult their governments, in order to formulate their positions. In the end, however, the conference ended in a crushing defeat for the feminists, who had used many tricks and deceptions during the conference to push their agenda.

Feminist Deceits at the CSW 2023 Conference

  • The organizers of the CSW permitted few pro-life NGOs to conduct “parallel events” (presentations), in contrast to the many pro-abortion side events. When a pro-life side event did take place, activists disrupted the event by shouting and screaming, drowning out the negotiations. However, when a pro-life participant attended one of the pro-abortion events, she was asked to leave.
  • Whenever delegates from underdeveloped nations talked about poverty and their needs, their remarks were hijacked by various UN agencies, like UNICEF, UNFPA (family planning), and UN Women, etc., declaring the need for sexual and reproduction health/rights, an umbrella term for abortion, sterilization, and compulsory sex education for children.
  • Feminists and some Western diplomats made crude anti-Catholic statements during the negotiations, claiming the Church threatened human rights, and demanding, instead, a “progressive”, feminist future of “power for women.”

On the final night of the Commission, the Holy See representative at the UN (The Catholic Church representative) accused Western countries of ganging up by having their topics prioritized. To the dismay of pro-abortion delegates, the other delegates erupted in applause at his statements.

Blocking the Feminist Pressures

The pro-life/family individuals were able to block the feminists at the 2023 CSW conference, but before they could catch their breath, yet another UN meeting, this time on Population and Development, was organized for April. Angry feminists loaded the meeting’s document with anti-life/family provisions. Again pro-life/family NGO’s were in action assisting twenty-seven countries who resisted this bullying by the West. Confusion spun into chaos caused by the many usual manipulations and deceits by the UN administration and the chairmen of the negotiations. As a result, the controversial document was withdrawn. The struggle at the UN is unending, but our side will always be there.

Other UN Failures: Humanitarian Aid

Prioritizing humanitarian aid in times of disaster has always been the UN’s most redeeming feature.  However, in the last few years, even humanitarian aid has been manipulated and twisted by making such aid contingent on the acceptance of abortion, homosexuality, and transgenderism.  For example, in 2021, during the painful time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UN refused to provide COVID humanitarian aid unless the recipients agreed to pass legislation to legalize abortion: the term for that is “extortion”. Not surprisingly, this caused a backlash from traditional countries. Instead of omitting this controversial demand, the Western countries continued to insist that abortion must be agreed to, in order for countries to receive this aid.  The program was cancelled.

In December, 2022, another UN program, established to provide food security to needy countries, was made conditional on recipient countries accepting homosexual and transgender rights.  Without this condition, US President Biden’s government and the European Union refused to support this program.  As a result, the UN Committee on World Food Security was unable to continue with the program.  Negotiations have been temporarily halted but will be resumed in 2023.  In the meantime, no food aid is being distributed.

Other UN Scandals

The above is just a brief outline of the current, troubling developments occurring at the UN.  This account does not mention the many scandals that have occurred at the UN in recent years. These include sexual abuse and harassment of the staff by UN officials; peacekeepers demanding sex for food; the raping of vulnerable people they were supposed to be protecting; and the oil-for-food scandal that occurred in 2005 under former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, where huge kickbacks were paid by participating countries.  This racket continued for a long period of time with the collusion of UN officials.  Also, millions of UN dollars have disappeared over the years, unaccounted for by its UN officials.

The UN’s Lost Vision

It is clear that the hopeful vision of the UN in 1948 has been lost. The UN has degenerated into a corrupt, shady institution, with no accountability. It is pushing an agenda determined by Western countries that is unacceptable to many other countries.

The UN is untrustworthy and is causing serious harm to the world. The UN is now a desiccated, rotten fruit that should be plucked and discarded in order to save the world from further harm.