The Trudeau government’s drug policies of decriminalization and providing addicts a free “safe supply” of drugs in British Columbia was implemented in January 2023. According to Lisa Lapointe, Chief Coroner of BC, 5 months later, in May, over 1000 addicts have died of drug overdoses in BC, surpassing homicides, suicides, accidents and natural diseases combined.

Drug addicts in BC have been selling their “safe supply” of drugs, provided by the government, to drug traffickers as well as to other addicts in order to buy drugs laced with fentanyl, a more powerful, often fatal drug. According to Coroner Lapointe, the drug fentanyl was present in almost nine of 10 drug overdose deaths.

The province of Alberta has refused to implement the free drug supply policy, and instead, is implementing a policy of treatment for addicts.

The result: the drug overdose deaths in Alberta has significantly decreased.