WHEREAS the transgendered believe that they were born the wrong sex, and wish to live their lives as a member of the opposite sex;

AND WHEREAS the transgendered seek surgery and hormone injections in order to further this delusion that they are a member of another sex;

AND WHEREAS surgery and hormone injections do not change the sex of a transgendered person, as their DNA remains unchanged and reproductive system only superficially altered, since it remains unchanged as to function;

AND WHEREAS competent medical research indicates that surgery and hormone injections of the transgendered cause them extensive harm in that they experience higher rates of morbidity and mortality post-operatively;

AND WHEREAS the proper treatment for the emotional unhappiness and dissatisfaction of the transgendered is treatment of their delusions or psychosis by way of compassionate counselling:

AND WHEREAS according to the testimony provided by the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the officials from the Department of Justice, there is no requirement for amending the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, because the transgendered are already protected under the category of “sex”.  There is substantial case law available to support this position.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the transgendered, who are protected from discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act and in the Criminal Code, must also be protected from harm by being provided with counselling, rather than hormonal and surgical alterations that contribute to their mental illness.