REALity January 2019

 The Harm Caused to Homosexuals by Their Culture

All across Canada, the so-called “gay villages” are emptying out.  Many appear half vacant, even shabby and far from safe.

The explanations provided for this change are that gentrification is common in urban areas, and that the normalization of online dating and shopping has negated the need for specific homosexual communities.

These are not the only reasons.  There is another factor that is behind the abandonment of homosexual communities in urban areas.  It is not politically correct to mention the other reason, which is that far too many homosexuals have a methamphetamine (meth) addiction, which not only detrimentally affects their health, but also wipes out their homes, jobs and partners.  The reason for this addiction is that meth has the ability to produce not only euphoria and confidence, but also sexual desire and enhanced sexual performance.  Consequently, its use has become an integral part of the gay sex scene.  In short, some homosexuals are placing their lives at risk in pursuit of sexual pleasures derived from meth use.  Fortunately, not all homosexuals are so foolhardy.  Nonetheless, according to the Ontario HIV Treatment Network, there is a disproportionate number of men in homosexual circles who use meth.  The subculture’s use of meth ranges from 6% to 16%, compared to only 0.6% in the general population.  Anecdotal evidence and lived experience support these numbers.  The use of meth also has another downside in that users can experience impotence and other performance issues.  This does not stop the homosexual culture, however, from viewing meth as an acceptable party drug.

This recklessness in the gay culture is hauntingly familiar:  recall the HIV epidemic in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  In 2016, new infections of HIV increased in Canada by 12% – with one new infection occurring every four hours.  Approximately 14,000 individuals in Canada, diagnosed with HIV, are not benefitting from effective treatment, which can maintain an undetectable level of the virus in the blood and which does not sexually transmit HIV.  Also, some active homosexuals, sadly, do not try to protect themselves by using condoms.  Why is treatment not being sought or why is there a failure to use condoms?  The failure to lead a healthy lifestyle by many in the homosexual culture is blamed by them on a Canadian society that fails to accept them.  Yet, Canada is one of the safest countries in the world for homosexuals.

The real problem is that many in the homosexual culture deliberately decide not to protect themselves by taking care of their health, the opposite of what mature individuals do.  Some homosexuals prefer to live dangerously, in pursuit of their personal sexual pleasure.

Something has to be done about the tragic scourge of meth in the homosexual culture.  However, it is up to the homosexuals, themselves, to change this.  They must help themselves, and not make excuses and blame others for this tragedy.  The abuse of drugs in their culture has to stop.  For example, why are their health risks not being publicly exposed by the healthcare community, as the risks of smokers are?  Should homosexuals not be encouraged to curtail their high risk behaviour?