REALity February 2019

Justin Trudeau’s Arrogance and Lack of Integrity

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has unbounded arrogance and a deep sense of entitlement in that he believes he is above the ordinary rules of behaviour and ethical standards.

This belief has led Trudeau to make promises and sign agreements without having any intention of upholding them.

He thinks that he has been specially anointed to put Canada, and indeed, the world, on a trajectory of behaviour determined by him personally.  He firmly believes he has a unique understanding that enables him to direct others, even though his life experience is extremely narrow.

Examples of Trudeau’s belief in his superiority has led him to regard those who have different perceptions as “bottom feeders” whom he is free to insult.  For example:

  • When a woman at a town hall meeting raised the question of immigration in Canada, Trudeau dismissed her concerns by calling her a “racist”.
  • When the Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party, Lisa Raitt, asked Trudeau’s Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, whether the March, 2018 feminist budget was a “cynical, political gesture” to win women’s votes, Mr. Morneau (following his leader’s example), called her a “neanderthal”. Both Morneau and Trudeau refused to apologize for this insult even though Morneau has his own ethics problems.  He “forgot” to list one of his major assets, a home in southern France, on his assets statement.  Also, one of his policies on pensions “accidentally” provided a financial advantage for his own family’s corporation.
  • When the Conservative Party objected to the transfer of the horrendous rapist and killer of 8 year old Tori Stafford, Terri-Lynne McClintic, from a secure prison facility to an indigenous healing lodge with no fence and with children present, Trudeau dismissed the Conservatives’ concerns as that of “ambulance-chasers”.

Trudeau’s Notorious Breaches of Ethics

  • Trudeau arranged a family holiday in 2016, on the private island owned by the multi-billionaire Imam Aga Khan. By doing so, he broke a number of rules of official ethics such as accepting a gift from an individual who was the recipient of government grants, travelling on a private non-commercial helicopter owned by the Aga Khan, and failing to recuse himself from talks with the Aga Khan about a project that was funded by his government.
  • Trudeau committed himself to being a supporter of the “#MeToo Movement” claiming that women’s stories of assault and harassment must always be believed. Yet, when it was exposed that Trudeau, several years previously, had fondled a female journalist in Creston, B.C., he initially denied this, and then dismissed the incident by stating that “men and women have different perceptions of events”.
  • When a peaceful pro-life woman was assaulted during a Life Chain demonstration in October, 2018, Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer expressed his concern about this attack. Trudeau refused to comment on it.  May one speculate that this lack of concern by Trudeau was due to his belief that the kicking of an “ignorant” pro-life woman was “justified”?
  • Trudeau violated UN treaties prohibiting the use, distribution and manufacture of drugs, including marijuana, when he passed the Cannabis Bill in June, 2018. The bill legalized marijuana in Canada for recreational purposes.  On October 17, 2018, the UN International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) declared that Trudeau’s violation of the drug treaties was incompatible with Canada’s legal obligation and diplomatic commitments under the drug treaties.  The INCB also went on to state that this violation “contributed to weakening the international legal drug control framework and undermined the rules-based international order”.  The INCB also stated it is also “deeply concerned about the public health impact of these policy choices on the health and welfare of Canadians, particularly youth”.
  • In the summer of 2018, Trudeau ordered organizations wishing to obtain grants under the federal Canada Summer Jobs program, to sign an attestation that they supported unrestricted abortion. As a result, 1,561 applications by faith-based and prolife organizations were rejected because they refused to sign the attestation.  The program, however, distributed over $88,000 in Canada Summer Jobs grants in 2018 to abortion organizations – 14 of which were affiliated with Planned Parenthood.  The Summer Jobs program grants also funded an environmental lobby group in B.C. which demonstrates against the Trans-Mountain Pipeline.  Trudeau claimed that this latter grant was made because the Liberal Party “believed in freedom of opinion” (but obviously not pro-life opinions).
  • Trudeau signed the unsatisfactory NAFTA Agreement with President Donald Trump (the treaty is now called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement USMCA) because he could not afford the domestic political heat he would have to face if he proved unable to reach a trade deal with the United States, Canada’s largest trading partner. One of the terms of this agreement was a provision that placed restraints on seeking free trade agreements with China.  Within days of signing the agreement, Trudeau ignored this provision and announced that his government would seek closer ties with China by seeking a trade deal.

In pursuit of a favourable trading relationship with China, Canada behaved in a strange manner on November 6, 2018, at the UN Human Rights Council investigation of China’s multi violations of the UN Charter and treaties.  While other western countries asked penetrating questions of China about its many human rights violations, Canada weirdly asked “What steps is China taking to grant equal marriage and family protections to LGBT couples in its new Civil Code?”  At that same time, Trudeau sent five Liberal cabinet ministers and assorted senior officials to Beijing to discuss business and trade proposals.

It is significant that during the negotiations for the USMCA in October, President Trump’s economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, reported that a U.S. official described Trudeau as “that little punk kid running Canada”.  This comment was a reflection of the U.S.’ strained relationship with Trudeau.  It also was a reflection of the little respect that Trudeau has internationally.

On September 24, 2018, Trudeau signed on to the U.S. President Trump sponsored declaration called the Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem.  It was a hypocritical and contradictory decision by Trudeau to do so since he had just violated the UN drug treaties with the Cannabis Act.  The answer to this contradiction lies in Trudeau’s hazy grasp of ethics and principles.  He was, at that time, in the midst of negotiations with President Trump over the NAFTA agreement and wanted to ensure that the President would not be angered once again by his erratic behaviour.  In other words, Trudeau thought it was in his own best interest to sign on to the declaration even though he had no intention of upholding its principles.

It appears that Trudeau’s sense of superiority and his abysmal lack of integrity permit him to break any rules of ethics and standards of behaviour whenever he pleases.  Perhaps the comment made by the American official about Trudeau being “that little punk kid running Canada” may have some merit.