ALERT – Ottawa, Ontario                                                                                                                   June 28, 2018

Please sign this petition to protect loving parents from criminal charges for fulfilling their responsibilities as parents:
Section 43 of the Criminal Code protects parents, guardians and teachers from being charged as criminals for using reasonable force to guide, educate and discipline children under their care.

REAL Women of Canada intervened at every court level to defend parents and teachers against court challenges to S 43. Finally, in 2004, the Supreme Court of Canada held as constitutional, the reasonable spanking of children for discipline purposes provided by S 43.

Yet some legislators are again using emotional arguments to promote Bill S-206, the 11th bill attempting to remove the protection of parents provided in S 43 from the Criminal Code. All previous similar bills failed, but with a Liberal majority in Parliament, S-206 could pass and remove parental protection. The bill is now before the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

Proponents of Bill S-206 falsely claim that reasonable physical discipline equates violence, but S 43 does not condone violence. Our laws already criminalize violence. Mild physical correction is not abuse. Canadian parents, in the majority, occasionally use reasonable force to form their children into responsible adults. Let us, once again, defend the family by signing this petition.