May 26, 2018                                                                                                                          Ottawa, ON




 Government Funding Must not be Dependent

on Personal Beliefs

WHEREAS in December 2017, the federal Liberal government introduced a policy that all groups seeking funding under the Canada Summer Jobs Program must attest that they support abortion and transgenderism, in accordance with the government’s own policies on these issues; and

WHEREAS there is no legal right to abortion or transgenderism in the Charter of Rights; and

WHEREAS the Charter of Rights provides, in s.2, that everyone has the fundamental freedoms of conscience and religion; and freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression; and

WHEREAS many faith-based groups whose charitable work provides help for the needy, including shelters for the homeless, foodbanks, homes for the aged, childcare centres and summer camps for deprived children, among their many activities; and

WHEREAS many faith-based groups have refused to sign the government required attestation under the Summer Jobs Program because it is contrary to their religious beliefs and principles; and

WHEREAS applications for grants by faith-based groups which have refused to sign the required attestation have been denied funding under the Summer Jobs Program.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Liberal government’s policy requiring an attestation to agree to specific beliefs as a basis for funding, must be abolished.