WHEREAS each year the federal government makes grants and contributions to numerous special-interest groups, including businesses, labour unions, cultural and sports groups, as well as controversial lobby groups such as radical feminist organizations, Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada and day care advocacy groups;

AND WHEREAS in the fiscal year 1994-1995, the federal government’s grants to special-interest groups totalled $11 billion;

AND WHEREAS the special-interest lobby groups use taxpayers’ dollars to promote their own agendas to the public and to lobby the government with the objective of having their agendas implemented by way of legislation;

AND WHEREAS those groups holding opposing views, but not receiving government funding, are placed at a severe disadvantage in the public debate, as well as in influencing the government in regard to implementing their agendas;

BE IT RESOLVED that to provide fairness to all groups and to avoid discrimination, as well as decrease unnecessary government spending, the government immediately stop all funding to special-interest groups.