WHEREAS science and medicine have determined that a separate and distinct human life begins at the time of fertilization of an egg and a sperm, which shortly thereafter develops into an embryo;

AND WHEREAS scientists have developed techniques by which an embryo can also be created by way of cloning process;

AND WHEREAS some scientists wish to destroy embryos, whether cloned or otherwise, to harvest their stem cells to provide a genetic match to reduce the chance of rejection when such stem cells are injected for the purposes of supposedly curing disease;

AND WHEREAS all cloning, whether for therapeutic or reproductive purposes, is unacceptable, since it creates a human life that is not protected by our human rights laws, and is used only as a commodity, valuable for its genetic material;

AND WHEREAS all embryo stem-cell research has failed to produce any benefits for human persons or cure any diseases;

AND WHEREAS research involving adult or placental stem cells has resulted in cell tissues and/or organs which, when transplanted into human persons, have been shown to alleviate underlying pathophysiologies;

BE IT RESOLVED that all research on cloning, whether for reproductive or for proposed therapeutic purposes, be prohibited;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all research using embryo stem cells be prohibited;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Canadian government support by way of generous funding, continued research on adult or placenta stem cells only.