It seems that the public both in Canada and in other countries, is fed up with LGBTQ demands.  The LGBTQ activists have gone too far.  A tremendous public backlash is developing.  For example:

  • The governments of New Brunswick and Saskatchewan have taken decisive actions against the indoctrination of children on homosexuality (see article included in this issue).
  • British Columbia’s newly formed Conservative Party, which replaced the former Liberal Party (don’t ask), publicly rejected transgender policies stating it supports a policy protecting the security rights of girls and women.
  • Parents in Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary demonstrated outside school board meetings in June, objecting to the “pride” flag being flown at schools.
  • Teenage students in Ottawa, Toronto, York region (north of Toronto) and London Ontario demonstrated outside their schools opposing the homosexual indoctrination taking place there.
  • Thousands of students stayed out of schools across Canada on June 1, 2023, Pride Day. Some schools had up to 75% of students absent. Many of these students are Muslim, who joined parents of other faiths to reject the homosexual indoctrination in the schools.

The Dilemma of the Media

This multi-faith development has created a dilemma for the media, especially the idiotic CBC, as well as for the Trudeau government. They have characterized any objections to the homosexual agenda as caused by Christian religious fanatics. Since the 2023 backlash has come from diverse groups, the mainstream media are dismayed that they can no longer target the protestors as hate-filled Christian bigots.

Support for LGBTQ Waning Elsewhere

It is not just in Canada that support for LGBTQ activism is waning.  The US public is boycotting corporations promoting “pride”. As a result, these corporations are dramatically toning down their “pride” merchandizing.  It dropped 40% in 900 US companies in June.  Similarly in Europe, support for the LGBTQ network is decreasing. For example, a recent study indicates that support for homosexuals raising children has significantly decreased in the Netherlands and Sweden.  In Poland, Turkey, Romania and South Korea, the majority of the population completely objects to this practice.

This struggle against social manipulation of the public by LGBTQ activists and corporations is by no means over, but it is the beginning of the end of universal and social support.