When the homosexual network asserted its “rights”, its representatives said it only wanted “equality”, the end to discrimination against it, and to “live and let live”. It lied to us.

The homosexual network, now referred to as LGBTQ+, has established a fanatical agenda which it is imposing on society. It is important to note however, that the LGBTQ+ is not a single community, but a series of subgroups in which many homosexuals are content to live their lives quietly.   It’s the homosexual extremists who are causing so much dissent, who demand the acceptance of their sexual lifestyles as “normal”.  In fact, such lifestyles are abnormal.

They are abnormal based on the number of homosexuals and lesbians in Canada.  According to Statistics Canada, estimates in 2021 and 2022 indicate that these make up only 4% of the population over 15 years of age.  The transgendered consist of only 0.18% of the population over 15 years of age, and non-binary are 0.13% of this population. This means that nearly all the Canadian population is heterosexual, whose sexual practices and inclinations are therefore normal, whereas same-sex couples and variations are abnormal.

Extraordinary Demands by Homosexuals

The arrogant demands of the LGBTQ activists are extraordinary.  Schools must fly the “pride flag” regardless of their religious base or that of their students. Same-sex marriage must be accepted, despite the fact that such unions are unable to produce children, which is the reason why heterosexual marriages should be highly valued and are necessary. Indoctrination in the schools on homosexuality is required to ensure generations of children regard homosexuality as acceptable; school libraries are stacked with explicit homosexual materials to ‘educate” children on the issue and expand abnormal sexual practices.  The Canadian army posted on its official Twitter account in June 2023, photographs of multiple Pride flag raising ceremonies at military establishments, along with a message which stated that the army was “empowering the LGBT community”.

The Canadian Army was renowned in WWI and WWII for the courage and valour of its soldiers.  Many gave their lives to protect our freedoms and way of life. The Canadian army has now been reduced to a silly, woke organization daintily dancing to politically correct tunes.  It is no surprise the army is experiencing difficulties finding recruits.  It has lost the public’s respect judging from the backlash over this incident, according to social media.

The National Hockey League (NHL) and its franchises decided that players should wear “pride” themed warm-up jerseys.  Some of the players strongly objected to doing so.  On June 2, 2023 the NHL was forced to reverse this policy.

Drag Queen events are constant – in libraries and in schools.  The Toronto District School Board however, was forced to allow parents to opt their children out of these distasteful and harmful events.

Throughout this debacle, the media and the entertainment industry promote homosexuality as a delightful, fulfilling lifestyle.  They never disclose that Gay Parades, which they depict as joyous occasions, include naked men gyrating in a sexual manner, displaying their genitals to children in the streets. At the June 2023 Toronto parade, Toronto police admitted that public nudity and indecency are criminal offences, but that does not apply to the Gay Parade.  An offensive double standard.

LGBTQ has become the most discriminatory network operating today. It does not want any opinion to be heard except its own. With its sense of entitlement, it has become intolerant of any differing opinions. As a result, it attempts to discredit those holding other opinions by hurling epithets at them such as “hateful”, “bigots” and “homophobic”. It’s time to move on from such name calling and maturely accept that we live in a democracy, where freedom of opinion is a basic right.

LGBTQ Health Problems

LGBTQ activists pour contempt on anyone who speaks the truth about their unhealthy behaviour, which is causing major health problems such as depression, physical abuse and illegal drugs, resulting in the fact that those in that community are up to six times more likely to attempt suicide than those in the general population.  This assessment is not ours, but was stated in a report that was made public by US President Joe Biden’s White House in June 2023.

The report was based on a 2023 survey by the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The report quoted Dr. Jeremy Kidd, a psychiatrist at Columbia University (a supporter of homosexuality), who claimed the mental problems of homosexuals were not caused by their behaviour but by society, which he claimed is too conservative in its views on sexuality!  What nonsense-trying to shift the blame for these problems.

Recent Bizarre Demands

Two recent bizarre demands by LGBTQ activists should be noted:

  • The homosexual organization, EGALE (Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere) sent a letter in April 2023 to the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Communications Commission) requesting the banning of the US Fox News Channel in Canada because it allegedly invoked hatred and violence against 2SLGBTQ+ groups due to journalist Tucker Carlson’s comments.

The CRTC responded by opening public consultations that closed on June 2, 2023. Over 7,000 responses were received.

By an amazing coincidence, on June 10, 2023 Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez announced that he will be mandating the CRTC to ensure that all broadcasters in Canada provide the promotion of pro LGBTQ programming, as well as of Indigenous and other “equity seeking groups”. Minister Rodriguez stated, “Broadcasters must recognize and ‘overcome’ the challenges faced by certain Canadians, including Indigenous persons, Black and other racialized persons, and Canadians of diverse ethnocultural backgrounds, individuals with disabilities, members of 2SLGBTQI+ communities, and women.”

  • On June 22, 2023 the UN’s special rapporteur on sexual orientation and gender identity, Victor Madrigal-Borloz, submitted a report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. In his report, he proposed that homosexual rights take priority over religious rights, even though the latter has been a standing principle of the UN since its establishment in 1948. To implement this policy, the report recommended that religious organizations and their leaders who fail to comply with LGBT orthodoxy should be required by the governments of UN member states to destabilize such religions, by requesting written support for pro-LGBT policies within the religious denominations.  The heart of the report is the belief that homosexuality and gender identity are fundamental rights on a higher plane than religious rights.  That is, religious rights end where LGBTQ rights begin.

These escalating demands are far from the original call by LGBTQ activists for a respectful environment of equality and tolerance.