WHEREAS REAL Women of Canada believe that parents are the prime educators of their children, and this should be acknowledged and supported by the schools and governments;

AND WHEREAS today’s children and teenagers are bombarded with an increasing amount of societal and media pressure to be sexually active;


AND WHEREAS there is need for cooperation on this very important issue among parents, churches and schools;

AND WHEREAS there are no values-neutral curricula; the attempt to label material in certain education-related curricula as values-neutral is offensive to the religious convictions of many school children, their families and teachers;

AND WHEREAS the attempt to use this mislabelled material often encourages and promotes experimental promiscuous activities;

BE IT RESOLVED that REAL Women of Canada encourage parents to become involved in the sex education process through:

  1. sensitivity to the sexual development and learning needs o their own children;
  2. involvement in an communication with their local educational process in review and selection of educational materials;
  3. participation in the political process by encouraging local, provincial and federal legislators to mandate the teaching in the public schools of abstinence (chastity) until marriage, and to reject all forms of legislation that would permit or require teaching the acceptability of the practices of promiscuous and perverse lifestyles.