WHEREAS condoms in schools are unreliable in terms of safety and are inappropriate morally and educationally;

AND WHEREAS promotion of condom machines by school authorities demoralizes and corrupts our children by encouraging sexual intercourse;

AND WHEREAS the area of moral education including sexuality is the parents’ responsibility,

AND WHEREAS the schools, by instilling condom machine are be subverting the moral values regarding sexuality which many parents work hard to instil in their children;

AND WHEREAS by promoting condoms for their students, school officials undermine parental moral teaching and authority, and invite students to participate in behaviour that will put them emotionally and physically at risk;

AND WHEREAS the school could be found legally liable should a student become pregnant or infected with a sexually-transmitted disease due to the failure of a school-supplied condom, especially where that student initiated or increased his/her sexual activity in the belief that the school encourages him/her to do so by providing access to condoms;

BE TI RESOLVED that REAL Women of Canada make representations to the educational authorities, local, provincial and federal, stating our strong opposition to condom machines in the schools, and that we urge each of our members to do the same.