OP-ED – Equality for Everyone

The common response of many supporters of abortion is to automatically reject any changes to the status quo without bothering to analyze the contents and implications of the proposed change.

It has been suggested that Conservative MP Cathay Wagantall’s Bill C-233 which bans sex selective abortion is an “albatross” to the Conservative Party. This metaphor totally distorts the social conservative agenda, which offers a valid, sustainable, and hopeful alternative to the current liberal, progressive agenda surrounding Canadians.

This assertion is not correct, based on a 2020 DART and Maru/Blue Voice Canada poll which revealed that 84% of Canadians support a law against sex selective abortion. It gets worse. A poll by ONE Persuades, published in September 2020, found that 52% of Canadians would be more likely to vote for a political party that promised to ban sex selective abortion. Polls, of course, be can dubious at times, as well as sources of advocacy.

Perhaps the conversation can be better advanced by talking about principles – such as the one that life is valuable and fleeting. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it has been to appreciate life.

Most striking about objections to MP Cathay Wagantall’s bill is the offhand dismissal of “gender-equality” as a reason for banning abortion. This lack of critical analysis by feminists and their followers is puzzling. It is curious that feminists demand equality for themselves, but are blind to the inequality of females killed in the womb solely because they are not male – the latter having more status in some communities. Where is the “choice” for women who experience pressure to abort their female child from their husbands, fathers, and boyfriends?

The lack of logical thinking can be attributed to the obsession that feminists and their followers have to the notion that abortion is essential for female equality, allowing them to freely copy men’s lives. This is a flawed perception, as women should be insisting that society adapt to them and their needs as women in all their manifestations, including pregnancy and birth. In truth, abortion is a convenience for a man, since it rids him of any responsibility or obligation should his partner become pregnant. A pregnant woman can quickly rid herself of the unwanted child by the abortion, paid for by Health Canada at no cost, either personal or financial, to the man. By their rejection of sex selective abortion, feminists are merely enabling continued male dominance and male-centred power.

Feminist failure to identify with the female child in the womb indicates that abortion has never been about women’s equality. It has been, and is about, feminist power. The myth is that feminists represent women, but the reality is that they represent elite, well-educated, mostly white women who further their own agenda, but fail to grasp the views and needs of women from other socio-economic groups.

It’s time we accept the science and what we know intuitively – that human life begins at conception. Life is good and beautiful, and all life – born and unborn – is worthy of our protection and support.

April 22, 2021