Ottawa, Ontario                                                                                                                      May 5, 2021

Media Release

Division at the Toronto Catholic School Boards

REAL Women of Canada, as a national non-denominational women’s organization, fully supports the statement and reasoning of Cardinal Collins and the Archdiocese of Toronto that flying the LGBTQ flag over Catholic schools is divisive.

There are advocates for many diverse causes and for good reason Catholic institutions and others, have wisely decided to fly flags that unite rather than divide us, such as the Canadian flag.

This is particularly the case when a flag represents positions that are directly contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

We can be inclusive and caring about every student without resorting to divisive politically tainted symbols.

Catholic schools have the constitutional and legal right to promote Catholic teaching.

We would not want a message sent that is contrary to Catholic teaching, causes confusion among innocent children and undermines parental beliefs.

Our members are very grateful to Cardinal Collins for his compassionate and thoughtful analysis of this controversy.


For further information contact:
Pauline Guzik
National President
REAL Women of Canada

Cathy Smith
Western Canada Board Member
REAL Women of Canada