REALity Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 8 August 2017

MP Cathay Wagantall Addresses REAL Women of Canada Annual General Meeting

By Cathy Smith, Medicine Hat, Alberta

It was a privilege to host Cathay Wagantall, MP for Yorkton-Melville, Saskatchewan, as guest speaker for the REAL Women of Canada Annual General Meeting in Toronto, on June 23, 2017.

For those who may not be familiar with Mrs. Wagantall, she was first elected in October, 2015. She wasted no time in bringing forward a private members’ bill entitled, Cassie and Molly’s Law (a motion to protect the unborn child of a mother who becomes a victim of a violent assault). Mrs. Wagantall worked diligently to prepare for her presentation, only to have the Liberal majority in Parliament defeat the motion.

What this story demonstrates is that persons elected to Parliament who have a conviction to the “common good” and none more noble than defending unborn babies, will go to any lengths to promote and defend his/her beliefs.

Mrs. Wagantall gave the audience great hope that her breed of “pro-life, pro-family” MP is gathering support in the public.

Mrs. Wagantall also shared with us the fact that she often refers to information from REAL Women, when she prepares for discussions on various topics in the House of Commons.

While the job of a Member of Parliament brings with it those who do not support his/her position, it is important to let those adversaries have their voices heard. Only when we have an informed and civil conversation, can an understanding and respect be developed.

Mrs. Wagantall explained that the motions being introduced at rapid rate are undermining our freedom and our traditional values are being stripped away. The social reconstruction started when the Liberal government removed the Office of Religious Freedom. She warned against the omnibus bill, C-51, which will remove the rights of religious leaders to meet without fear of interference.

What now occurs is an ideology and not a sense of moral right and wrong.

The mantra now in the Liberal agenda is “if you disagree with me, you hate me”. There can be no discourse when this is the mentality.

Mrs. Wagantall challenged the audience to make sure they have all the facts of what has occurred in the House of Commons before they comment or criticize.

It is incumbent on all members of REAL Women to become involved in the political process so that decent, moral candidates such as Mrs. Wagantall will be elected to the House of Commons, or provincial legislatures or municipal councils. It is our civic duty to do our part.