The Liberal Government under Justin Trudeau is introducing legislation which will further restrict the freedoms of Canadians. Unfortunately this proposed legislation has received little publicity.

  • Police Powers given to National Park Wardens

Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault has tabled a seemingly innocuous Bill, C-23, an Act Respecting Places, Persons and Events of National Historic Significance, which is supposed to deal with appointments of Indigenous members to national historic sites. However, the bill includes some completely unrelated provisions.  These include section 41, which provides that park wardens may enter on and pass through or over private property in national parks without anyone having the right to object.  Section 42 shields the national park wardens from liability for anything done or omitted to be done in good faith while on duty. Section 43 permits wardens to enter and search any place and open and examine any package “with or without a warrant”.

In effect, park wardens have been given the power to enter camp sites, tents, etc. in national parks without a warrant, and with no recourse for this breach of individual and property rights.  The Federal Department of Justice, however, claims that these provisions are necessary to provide “evidence” should a crime occur.

Significantly, Minister Guilbeault made no mention of these new powers for park wardens when he introduced the bill. This bill will impact families, hikers, and campers who use national parks. Simply put, this bill means that a park warden can walk into a campsite or tent at will, and remove any article found therein, at his own discretion. Although the purpose is supposed to be to provide evidence for a crime, who is to say this is the actual reason since the warden is exonerated from any litigation of liability?

Minister Guilbeault’s Environmental Extremism

Minister Guilbeault, responsible for this bill, had a busy career as an environmental activist prior to his election to Parliament. He was arrested for participating in a number of protests relating to the environment.  For example, in July, 2001, Minister Guilbeault was arrested for climbing to the top of Toronto’s CN Tower, where he displayed a banner criticizing the government for its failure to act on environmental issues.

With his intense environmental extremism, these amendments to this bill may well be used to also permit park wardens to monitor and enforce environmental issues.  Minister Guilbeault is such an activist, who will likely regard any inconvenient act affecting the environment as a “crime.”

  • Trudeau Partners with the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Any doubt about the WEF influencing Canadian policies has been removed by the fact that Trudeau has entered into a contract with the WEF to produce a travel identity app.

The WEF agreement, in the amount of $105.3 million, is to develop a pilot project to advance what is called the Known Traveller Digital Identity ID (KTDI). This digital identity system will include facial recognition and biometric data (fingerprints and eye scans), which are highly personal. The purpose of this system is to provide a seamless system for travellers to pass through security, board planes, cross boarders, make car rentals, and check into hotels. What is not mentioned is that it also provides personal information on individual travellers so that the government can keep track of its citizens. WEF has suggested that this travel app could be easily adapted to provide information on vaccination certificates. The travel ID can also be easily adapted to provide the government with other information which may prohibit travel (as occurs in China with its virtual app), and other nefarious purposes.

Included in this partnership agreement with WEF are the government of the Netherlands, Royal Dutch Airlines, Air Canada, Toronto Pearson Airport, Montreal’s Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, and the technology consulting firm Accenture.

When questions were raised about this project in the House of Commons by MP Leslyn Lewis, Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra could provide no further information.