Ottawa, Ontario                                                             August 31, 2020

 Media Release

The Results of the Conservative Leadership Race

The Conservative leadership race had surprising results.

At the beginning of the race, the “fix” was in for Peter MacKay who was set up as the acknowledged winner by the Red Tory elites who were running the campaign and by the mainstream media. They expected that Mr. MacKay would win on the first ballot. This didn’t happen.

The Red Tories and the media did their best to exclude social conservatives from the leadership race by disparaging them and their values, believing they were a political liability. This manipulation utterly failed.

Social conservatives rose up in a fury and let it be known that they would not tolerate either the party’s or the media’s attempt to exclude them from the political debate in Canada.

On the first vote, the two social conservative candidates, Derek Sloan and Leslyn Lewis, combined to capture 40.3% of the total votes cast. On the second ballot, Leslyn Lewis’ vote jumped to 60,316, which resulted in her receiving 10,140.3 points, or 30%, just falling behind MacKay’s 34.8% and O’Toole’s 35.2%. She did this aided by the votes from Derek Sloan, who had dropped off the ballot.

In the third and final ballot, MacKay didn’t even come close, as he only received 43% of percentage points compared to O’Toole’s 57%. It was the ballots of the social conservatives that put O’Toole over the top. He now owes social conservatives big time.

Leslyn Lewis raised over $2 million dollars from 600 donors during the campaign, more donors than that of either MacKay or O’Toole. She will be given a prominent place in the party as a black female lawyer who will serve as a protection against any accusations of racism or misogyny. How much actual influence Ms. Lewis will have in determining the party’s policies remains to be seen.

Erin O’Toole as Leader

After spending the Conservative leadership campaign courting the social conservative voters, Erin O’Toole lost no time reaffirming his pro-abortion position. He stated on August 25, 2020 “I am an MP with a clear track record for standing up for human rights, whether it’s women, whether it’s the LGBTQ community.” Since there is no “human right” for abortion, either in the ten UN human rights treaties or under Canadian law, O’Toole is either misinformed or is deliberately misleading the public. Social conservatives have taken note.

Social Conservatives

Social conservatives have shown themselves to be a large and determined segment of the Conservative Party of Canada. The party has been placed on notice that social conservatives will not tolerate, under any circumstances, the ignoring of their views or the talents they bring to the party.

Social conservatives will be watching Mr. O’Toole with a justified expectation that their support will be acknowledged and reflected in the party.

As Mr. O’Toole and the Conservative Party move forward, they have the opportunity to focus on what unites us.  This includes the importance of the family, respect for the conscience rights of MPs on morally objectionable bills concerning assisted suicide and conversion therapy, the controlling of debt, the decentralization of the power of the Prime Minister’s Office, Parliamentary reform, reaching out to the West, a recognition of the contribution our natural resources make to the economy, and defeating the corrupt and incompetent Trudeau government.




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