Ottawa, Ontario                                                               September 2, 2020

The Trudeau Government Is a Tower of Babel

The Trudeau Liberal government is a tower of Babel with all the Liberal elites facing inward in a tight circle babbling to one another. The members of this circle have no understanding or interest in other Canadians.  Sagely nodding their heads and murmuring approval, they are in complete agreement with all the government’s progressive left-wing policies.

From time to time, they widen their circle to admit some other select individuals, such as the Kielburger brothers of WE Charity, family members, and special friends such as feminist and homosexual activists. Money flows easily and frequently among these individuals who believe they are entitled, since they are the ruling elites.

They believe their opinions and beliefs are enlightened and always right. The opposing views of those outside their select circle are regarded as baseless and ignorant. Should any non-progressive views be publicly expressed such as those made by Conservative leadership candidate Derek Sloan, who publically expressed his opposition to abortion and homosexual rights, the elite Liberals react with shock and dismay. They believe such views must be suppressed as being an intolerant affront to decency.

This is not something new for the Trudeau government.  Such reaction is an integral part of its governing process. For example, the government refused to accept nominations for Liberal candidates who are pro-life, and awards grants for the Summer Jobs Program only to those who agree with its liberal progressive policies.

This pattern of behaviour emerged again when Liberal Member of Parliament Pam Damoff (Oakville North-Burlington) recently demanded that Mr. Sloan be removed from the Conservative caucus. MP Damoff’s interpretation of “diversity” apparently does not extend to diversity of opinion. She regards herself so highly that she demands the removal of an elected Member of Parliament from the opposition’s caucus.

This is not the first time that Liberal MP Damoff has attempted to suppress opposing views.  In 2017 she was instrumental in barring pro-life conservative MP Rachael Harder (Lethbridge, AB) from chairing the parliamentary committee on the Status of Women because of Ms Harder’s pro-life views.

MP Damoff has obvious difficulty in working and associating with those whose views are different from hers. This must create a serious handicap when serving her constituents, who may not all agree with her party’s policies.

Conservative Leader O’Toole

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole will shortly be appointing his shadow cabinet who will serve as critics of the various Liberal government ministries. Members of the shadow cabinet have an important and influential role in the political process. Appointments to the Shadow cabinet can also lead to a cabinet post should the party later form a government.

Appointment of Mr. Sloan to the Shadow Cabinet

It is important that Mr. Sloan be appointed as a member of this shadow cabinet, not only because of his competence, honesty and integrity, but also in recognition of the important role he played in the Conservative leadership race on behalf of social conservatives. Mr O’Toole would not be party leader today if he did not have the support of social conservatives Derek Sloan and Leslyn Lewis.  Leslyn Lewis is not a sitting member of Parliament and therefore cannot be appointed as a critic, but Mr Sloan is an elected Member of Parliament and deserves to be recognized for his contribution to the party.

Action Requested

Please write immediately to Mr. O’Toole, requesting the appointment of Mr. Sloan to the Conservative Shadow Cabinet.

Mail may be sent postage-free to:
Hon. Erin O’Toole,
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON Canada
K1A 0A6

Or Email:

We owe Mr. Sloan this recognition for his courage and decency during the campaign, as well as the recognition of social conservative values which defend life and family.

For the Family,
REAL Women of Canada