Ottawa, Ontario                                                                        March 3, 2020


Media Release

International Women’s Day Means Nothing to Most Women

Women across the globe are uniting against the radical feminist supremacists who, while despising men, pretend they are the authentic voice of women. They are not.

Most women are fed up with the continuous attack on men by radical feminists. Men are not our enemies. They are our partners and allies. Women are equal to men in rights and duties. We do not tolerate having less than men. Men and women are complementary. There is no supremacy of either sex.

Worldwide, forty-three national women’s organizations (including REAL Women of Canada) have come together to form a new organization called Women of the World (WoW) to take back the agenda from radical feminists. WoW believes “Let us be women. Let men be men.”

Feminist supremacists talk a great deal about equality, but demand legislation to provide them with special advantages over men.

In truth, in Canada today, there is little or no discrimination against women. In fact, women are given many advantages over men. They are encouraged and welcomed in the professions. Women are offered special scholarships, and priority in admission to universities, trades and employment.

If there is any discrimination against women, it targets those women who choose to be mothers. They are harassed and made to feel disloyal when they request maternity leave because of the presumption that they are not taking their job seriously. They frequently are resented by supervisors when they return to employment, who regard pregnancy leave as a relaxed and extended holiday advantage. Little do they know or understand! If a woman chooses to raise her children at home, either full or part time, she is regarded by many as being a non-contributing member of society whose efforts are of little value.

Children are the future of our society. Mothers play a significant role in the development of a child’s character and stability. This contributes to the development of businesses and our national economy.  Mothers assist in the continuation and betterment of society. Their contribution is invaluable. Feminist supremacists fail to understand this.

The Status of Women ignores the complimentary roles of men and women. This year the Committee advanced the motto for International Women’s Day as “Because of You” (women). How about another motto that says “Because of us”, that is, men and women together who have created a better Canada. This is a far more accurate motto reflecting a truer analysis of what is taking place today.


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