Ottawa, Ontario                                                               February 6, 2020

Conservative Party Candidate Nominations

Since the federal election last October, the media have insisted that the Conservatives, in order to be successful, must remove social conservative policies from its platform. That may be the opinion of the media, but that does not reflect the views of many Canadians.

Fortunately, to date, five social conservative candidates (pro-life and pro-family) have put their names forward to run for the Conservative leadership.  They are:

  • Richard Decarie – a former staff member for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, from Quebec
  • Derek Sloan – elected as MP in October 2019 in the Ontario riding of Hasting-Lennox and Addington
  • Dr. Leslyn Lewis – A Toronto Christian lawyer who has a PhD in international law
  • John Williamson – the MP for the riding of New Brunswick Southwest, and the past national director of Canadian Taxpayers Federation.  Mr. Williamson has a perfect pro-life, pro-family voting record as an MP.
  • Jim Karahalios – a social conservative activist in the Ontario Provincial Conservative Party who launched the “Axe the Carbon Tax in Ontario” and ran for leadership of the Provincial Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario

If you are a paid up member of the federal Conservative Party before February 6, 2020, it would be appreciated if you would download each of the five nomination forms for these candidates:

  1. Jim Karahalios’ nomination signature form: DOWNLOAD
  2. John Williamson’s nomination signature form: DOWNLOAD
  3. Richard Decarie’s nomination signature form: DOWNLOAD
  4. Derek Sloan’s nomination signature form: DOWNLOAD
  5. Leslyn Lewis’s nomination signature form: DOWNLOAD

Send the signed, original nomination forms to:

Campaign Life Coalition

If you are able, please scan or take a picture of the nomination forms and email them to in case they get lost in the mail.

According to Campaign Life Coalition, multiple social conservatives in the race INCREASES the chances of each of them winning because of the preferential ballot. This is the opposite of how a general election works where vote splitting by pro-lifers indeed becomes a problem.

Further, if you’ve already signed the nomination forms for the candidates Sloan, Decarie and Lewis, could you please also do the same ASAP for Williamson and Karahalios?

Signing more than one nomination form is permitted so you can sign all of them if you would like to do so.

Attacks on Social Conservatives

Mr. Decarie was interviewed on CTV on January 22, 2020 during which he stated that homosexuality was a “choice”. Homosexual activists who are also journalists, quickly sharpened their knives, and attacked Mr. Decarie (Justin Ling, National Post, January 24, and Jaime Watt, Toronto Star, January 26) claiming that Mr. Decarie should not be permitted to run for this leadership because of his “ignorant” beliefs.  Red Tory, left-leaning Conservative leadership candidates, Peter MacKay, MP Erin O’Toole (Durham) and MP Marilyn Gladu (Sarnia) agreed that Mr. Decarie’s comments were unacceptable. MacKay and Gladu also stated that they would be participating in Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade in June. O’Toole will march if the police are in uniform.

For convenience sake, perhaps these candidates should be all together dancing on a single float labeled “Red Tory Conservative Candidates” to ensure that their “tolerance” is duly noted. None of the above three, however, has announced that he/she will also be attending the popular Caribana Parade in Toronto this summer.  Why are they discriminating against this other cultural minority event?

Fix Is “In” for MacKay

It seems that the “fix” is in by the conservative elites and the media for Peter MacKay to win the leadership. They want him to receive a coronation at the convention. Mr. MacKay is no friend of social conservatives. He stated after the October 2019 election, that social conservative policies were a “stinking albatross” around the party’s neck. The “fix” on Mr. MacKay, as leader, is evidenced by the fact he apparently was given prior notice of the criteria to enter the leadership race, which requires submitting $300,000 and 3000 signatures, from 30 ridings across Canada. Mr. MacKay completed and submitted all this by the end of January, even though prospective candidates are only required to submit an initial $25,000 and 1000 endorsements by the end of February, the remaining $275,000 and 2000 signatures due by March 25. Mr. MacKay’s submission, placed well in advance of the deadline, indicates that he and his organizers had been previously advised of the criteria released to the public only two weeks previously on January 13, 2020.

It is critical that social conservatives participate in the leadership race. To have a vote on the leadership one must become a member of the Party by April 17, 2020. You may vote by mail for the Conservative leader and need not attend the convention in person. It will be held in Toronto on June 27, 2020.

Membership costs only $15. To become a member, apply online, phone the Conservative headquarters or DOWNLOAD the application form from the website and mail the membership application to:

Conservative Party of Canada
1720-130 Albert Street,
Ottawa, ON K1P 5G4

Conservative headquarters phone number: 1-866-808-8407

Phone the Conservative headquarters if you are unsure whether your membership is still valid.

We have a job to do, so let’s do it!