REALity Volume XXXVI Issue No. 12 December, 2017

Left-wing governments, such as those in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, are demanding that the government’s sex education curriculum be forced on all children in their respective provinces, regardless of the parents’ beliefs, and whether the children are attending Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Sikh or other faith based schools.

These governments claim that all school children must follow this sex education program, because it is in the child’s best interest since it protects them against sexual abuse and exploitation.

They also claim that sex education is no different from any other subject in the school curriculum and is the sole responsibility of the Department of Education. The latter is nonsense. Matters dealing with sexuality are deeply personal and directly affect a person’s moral values and character. Sex education is, obviously, quite distinguishable from math, language and history instruction and information. Members of the public are not simpletons and realize this.

The Real Reason for the Sex Education Curriculum

What lies behind the governments’ determination to impose sex education instruction on children is to ensure that they acquire the repellent sexual values promoted by the state. That is, its purpose is to drive a wedge between children and parents so that the children will adopt the anti-life, secular values of the state. The state’s values, as reflected in the sexual education curriculum, include the notion that every type of sexual relationship is acceptable and healthy, and that gender identity confusion and homosexuality are perfectly normal. They are not. This is a struggle in the continuing battle between LGBTQ advocates and faith-based individuals. LGBTQ activists, with government support, are trying to force parents to abandon their rights over their children and their religious beliefs so as to allow the state to form the character of their children to mold them to accept bizarre sexual behaviours.

This insistence that all children be subject to a sex education curriculum is also a complete denial of diversity in the schools, and the uniqueness, culture and ethnic backgrounds of each child. In effect, this is an attack not only on religion, but also on the culture of many new Canadians who have strong views on sexuality. The left-wing governments’ hope is that, in the future, the values of children of such immigrants will adapt in order that they will support the left-wing politicians and their policies, rather than the values of their parents

The imposing of sex education on children is being done despite the fact that study after study has shown no evidence that it reduces teen pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases, which the governments insist are the targeted outcomes of their sex education programs. The most recent study, released in September, 2017, was conducted by Stan E. Weed, Ph.D. and Irene H. Ericksen, M.S. of the Institute of Research and Evaluation, Salt Lake City, Utah, which found, based on substantial evidence that such programs are ineffective and should not be regarded as a viable, public health strategy in classrooms.

Parents must fight to save their children from state indoctrination, the intent of which is to distance them from their families’ values and responsibilities.