REALity, Volume XXXVI, Issue 12, December, 2017

One would think that with all the many advantages and special rights homosexuals have acquired over recent years, they would be a happy lot. Such is not the case. Many homosexuals are not even taking advantage of their newly acquired benefits, such as legal “marriage”.

The Myth of Same-Sex Marriage

Statistics indicate that the majority of homosexuals are staying away from same-sex marriage. Only 10.5% of the homosexual population has chosen to marry since marriage was re-defined by Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2005. This is based on 2016 Statistics Canada’s most recent estimation of the homosexual population at 1.7% of Canadians between the ages of 15 and 59.

Married homosexuals and lesbians represent only 0.16% of the adult Canadian population (15 years and over) according to this 2016 Census. In 2005, the Liberal government, with the support of the NDP and Bloc parties, won this highly publicized battle to dispense with marriage as it has always been understood by Canadians and Western Civilization. The fruit of their ideological aggression was to overturn dozens of laws pertaining to what has always been understood as marriage. But only an infinitesimal 0.16% of the Canadian adult population is in a “same-sex marriage” since, so few homosexuals seem interested in it.

This is the same situation in the US since the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in June 2016. The demand for same-sex marriage has been anemic there. In fact there has been a greater increase in lives lived singly than lives lived as gay “spouses.” If the numbers of cohabiting gays and gay “spouses” are combined, the total of such arrangements has slipped dramatically from 20.7% to 16.6%.

Homosexual Life-style

Homosexuals themselves admit that their behaviour is the source of their many health problems. We know this because they laid a complaint with the federal Human Rights Commission in February 2009, claiming they were experiencing lower life expectancy than the average Canadian, a high suicide rate, and high rates of substance abuse, smoking and depression. They complained about inadequate access to care for HIV/AIDS and cancer treatment – both anal cancers and those caused by the exposure to human papillomavirus, which lead-especially to head, throat and neck cancers due to homosexual sexual practices. Violence and bullying are also problems prevalent in homosexuals/lesbian relationships.

These health and social problems are of homosexuals’ own making. It is obvious that two men together and two women together are not physically designed for sexual connection. That is why their sexual acts are unnatural. They are only an improvisation of nature’s competently designed sexuality, and this is why they experience so many health and psychological problems. That is, because these sexual acts are a bizarre imitation of natural, male-female sexuality, same-sex activity results in medical and psychological problems for those who insist on engaging in these activities.

Homosexuals and lesbians, themselves, admit this, but they never acknowledge the stark truth that most of their problems would cease if they didn’t engage in their unnatural sexual behaviour. Many persist in doing so and are demanding that the government pick up after them, by paying out millions of dollars to cover their resulting problems.

Homosexual activists argue that “homophobia” (oppression and repression in the past) has caused their health problems, not just physically, but also emotionally, as reflected in their high rates of depression and drug abuse. In effect, these activists are claiming that it’s all the government’s and the public’s fault that they are facing health and other problems. They want to continue their harmful behaviour and lifestyle but expect all taxpayers to give them, as their entitlement, extra funding to deal with them.

There is a major flaw with their thesis in that countries like the Netherlands and Sweden, where homosexual rights, including same-sex marriage, have been the law of the land for years, homosexual men remain three times more susceptible to mood disorders and three to ten times more likely to engage in suicidal self-harm.

The obvious conclusion is that it is the homosexual life-style, itself, that is destroying their lives. Monogamous partnerships are rare exceptions in a homosexual’s life. Consequently, homosexuals, in later years, experience isolation and anxiety because of a lack of close family ties. It is a fact that smart-phone hookup apps lead to exploitative and casual encounters that undermine homosexuals’ sense of self-worth and fulfillment because of the impermanence of the encounter, which is sexual only. That is, the homosexual lifestyle of promiscuous sex and short-lived relationships results in no one to care for them when they grow old.

According to a policy brief from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), older gay and bisexual men are also 45% more likely to report psychological distress and 50% more likely to rate their health as fair or poor. Half of older, gay and bisexual men live alone, compared with 13.4% of older, heterosexual men.

Older lesbian and bisexual women experience higher rates of diabetes and hypertension, compared with straight women of their age. They also report significantly more physical disabilities and psychological distress. They were 26% more likely to say their health was fair or poor. More than one in four live alone, compared with only one in five heterosexual women. The gay culture tends to be youth-driven, and the aging community network doesn’t usually think about gay and lesbian elders.

In short, the constant pursuit of casual sex and unnatural sex acts results not only in health and emotional problems, but also in leaving many homosexuals and lesbians with no permanent life partners or adult children to care for them in their old age. To be old and alone is part of the homosexual culture and lifestyle.

Why aren’t we telling our youth about this? Instead, our youth are told that homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality. It isn’t. We are abusing our children by failing to disclose to them the truth about homosexuality.