REALity June 2018                                                                                 Ottawa, ON

There seems to be so many badly thought out, erratic decisions, week after week, by Justin Trudeau that REAL Women can scarcely keep up with them.

We think, however, that we should try, as best as we can, to provide our members with information on Trudeau’s actions, in order to keep them informed of the political situation. As a result, REALity includes many articles describing Trudeau’s frequently bizarre decisions.

Perhaps a contributing factor to Trudeau’s poor decisions is that he seems locked into the past, in a space created in the 1970’s and 1980’s. This space is hermetically sealed against changes that have occurred since those times.

This may explain why Trudeau is relentlessly pushing the issues from a past era as if seen through a rearview mirror, on abortion, feminism and so-called “gender equity.”

This occurs even though most women have moved on long ago, and are not interested in Trudeau’s feminist agenda.

Today, women’s concerns are anchored in the struggle to provide a balance between paid work and the family; job security; violence in our society; the emphasis misplaced on women being valued for their sex appeal, rather than their worth as a person; the failure to recognize the diversity of views among women; and the intense pressure by the left-wing “progressives” who insist on political correctness regardless of personal experience and values.

Prime Minister Trudeau has been exposed as the intellectual light-weight he is in the report by Mary Dawson, former Commissioner of Conflict of Interest and Ethics. She stated in her report, in regard to Trudeau’s ill-fated visits between 2014-2016 to the Bahamian Island owned by the wealthy Agha Khan, that by Trudeau’s own account, he thinks his attendance at business meetings are “relationship sessions” and that his role at these meetings is “ceremonial in nature,” since he leaves the heavy lifting of government to its ministers and civil servants.

At the International meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland at the end of January 2018, attended by 3000 conference participants from 90 countries, including approximately 70 heads of state, world leaders met to discuss such issues as artificial intelligence in regard to globalization and the future of international currencies etc. In this discussion, Trudeau hailed Canada as an example for the world urging the international community to do more to promote women’s rights and gender equality. He said that hiring, promoting and retaining more women in the industry would lead to much- needed innovations and change in the workplace. Trudeau also discussed, at this luxurious exclusive location, where a hamburger costs $75, the disparity between the rich and poor and how this can be rectified by hiring and promoting more women. Trudeau has also demanded that the G7 meeting in June recognize women’s advancement as a priority, despite the real problems facing Canada and other G7 members by the US tariffs on steel and aluminium.

Trudeau is an embarrassment to Canada.

In short, Trudeau’s management style reveals he clearly prefers the ceremonial aspects of his job, getting his picture taken, lecturing others and making mindless recommendations, detached from the nitty-gritty of governing. “Ceremony” is the responsibility of the Governor-General, representing the Queen, above the fray. The Prime Minister is not supposed to be a “ceremonial” figure giving advice, whether on Canadian soil or abroad. He has serious responsibilities for which he should be held accountable, and which he ignores.

After two and a half years in power, Trudeau does not understand his responsibilities as Prime Minister.