REALity June 2018                                                                                   Ottawa, ON

Why can’t children just be left to be children and enjoy their childhood? Instead, special interest organizations regard children as objects to be exploited in order to promote their own adult agenda.

A case in point is Elsa, the lead character in the wonderfully successful animated film “Frozen”, produced by Disney in 2013. It earned $1 billion dollars at the box office. The film reached into the hearts and minds of countless children around the world.

A sequel to Frozen is to be released on November 27, 2019, and the political activists are busy lobbying Disney to turn Elsa into a tool to hammer home their agenda.

In March 2018, a Pennsylvania branch of Planned Parenthood decided to use Elsa to target young girls to accept abortion as a normal and acceptable decision. Planned Parenthood doesn’t believe any age is too young for abortion indoctrination. It tweeted: We need a Disney princess who’s had an abortion. In short, it wanted to corrupt young girls to kill their babies as a reasonable and good choice. This argument, however, was even too much for Planned Parenthood, because by the next day, the abortion chain deleted the item. Planned Parenthood never apologized for the tweet. Apparently, it just thought it wasn’t a helpful remark to further their business operation.

Next to use Elsa as a role model for their cause was the homosexual community (LGBTQ). Frozen’s director, Jennifer Lee, responded to questions about whether Elsa would have a female love interest by stating: “We’ll see where we go”.

Petitions both for and against Elsa as a lesbian have poured into Disney Productions.

Disney, however, faces problems in turning the prospect of a homosexual plotline in the “Frozen” sequel, given that the original film made millions in Asia and the Middle Eastern markets where, unlike the pliable west, homosexuality is not acceptable. Disney doesn’t want to lose those dollars. It is noticeable that Disney has not allowed a major global blockbuster to feature LGBTQ content since Beauty and the Beast, which faced a tumultuous opening in North America, but was initially blocked from release in several foreign markets because in one scene two men could be seen dancing together.

Reports of the scene, described as “exclusively gay” by the director, sparked resistance in Indonesia and Malaysia, which reduced the film’s box office earnings.

Following that saga, gay content has been left out of several other Disney blockbusters – including Thor: Ragnorok and Black Panther, both of which mysteriously left gay romances on the cutting room floor for the final edit.

Creators on the Star Wars franchise similarly talked up the potential for a gay romance between characters Finn and Poe – only to hastily introduce a female love interest in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The prospect, therefore, of any overt gay plotline making it into the second “Frozen” film is slim, given the original film made millions in Asian and Middle Eastern markets, where there are heavy restrictions on LGBT content.

This is not to say that Disney isn’t busy pushing homosexuality in other directions. In June, all Disney parks will be selling specially designed rainbow Mickey Mouse ears. The Mickey Mouse hat will be embroidered in front with Mickey’s glove forming the shape of a rainbow. Disney also has a history of accommodating “Gay Days” at Disneyland and Disneyworld which events include at least partial nudity.

Paedophilia in Hollywood

There is rampant sexual abuse of minors in the film and television industry in Hollywood. The film industry, however, has been silent about this paedophilia.

In 2006 Disney Channel hired a man, Brian Peck, to work on a children’s TV show called, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The series aired on Disney Channel for three years making it the most successful premier for Disney Channel.

Peck, however, had been convicted of sexual crimes against children two years previously to his being hired by Disney. He was found guilty of lewd acts against a child as well as oral copulation with a child.

Peck was not the only registered sex offender who has been convicted of child sex abuse crimes and then hired by ABC/Disney after their conviction. Director, Victor Salba, of the movie Clownhouse was found guilty in 1998 of five counts of sexual abuse of a child.

On June 6, 2018, Florida investigators arrested eleven men for child pornography. Nine of these men were employed by Walt Disneyworld and Legoland at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The employees included a Disney World costume department manager, a Legoland employee who builds models at the park, and college student employees. An 84 year old retired engineer was also charged, another was a 69 years old retired teacher who had an annual pass to Disney World which he often visited alone.

Through its television programming, Disney has also been engaged in a concerted effort to normalize homosexuality. Between 2013 and 2018 it aired an American family drama series that appeared on the ABC Family Network. The series called “The Fosters” was about a lesbian couple raising a blended family. In 2015 the Disney Channel cartoon “Gravity Falls” included a male same-sex couple. There are also other examples of Disney’s attempt to normalize homosexuality which have been previously mentioned in REALity.

The best thing you can do for your children is to keep them away from Disney parks and television.