WHEREAS families with a full-time parent at home suffer inequities in Canada from our income tax laws;

AND WHEREAS the decision to be a full-time mother is a legitimate career choice;

BE IT RESOLVED that REAL Women of Canada approach the federal government with the following recommendations for change in the Income Tax Act:

(1)         that the present $4,000 deduction per child currently allowed to working parents for child care expenses be dropped, and that all families with children receive the same amount in child tax credits, to enable families to choose the type of care they find best for their children; and

(2)         that the present system of allowing double-income couples to receive twice the RRSP deductions allowed to two-parent, single-income families be discontinued, and that two-parent, single-income families receive the same deductions as those with both parents in paid employment; and

(3)        that married couples be allowed the choice of separate spousal tax returns or a joint spousal tax return with a lower tax rate for single income families who now pay more tax than two income families.