REALity  Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 8 August 2017

The conservative leadership campaign has shown that social conservatives have a significant role to play in the Conservative Party. We showed our vitality and strength by electing Andrew Scheer as party leader.  This was a tremendous shock to many, especially the media who had assumed that a libertarian, Maxime Bernier, would be chosen as leader.  He was more to their liking than any social conservative.

By our determination and effort, we, as social conservatives, have changed the future of the Conservative Party. One might even go so far as to state that our participation in the campaign saved the party, which, under other candidates, was destined to become only a liberal-lite party, lacking fundamental conservative principles.

Our Job is not yet Done

Although we have successfully accomplished the first step in preserving the direction to a genuinely conservative party, there is further work that we must do in order to cement the future of the party.

The two further jobs we must undertake are:

  1. we must play a significant role in the Conservative national policy party convention that will take place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in August, 2018; and
  2. we must ensure that pro-life MPs are nominated in the 2019 election.

The more pro-life/family MPs in the caucus, the better chances of successfully bringing a private member’s bill forward on our issues.

How Do we Accomplish These Objectives?

First and foremost, we must ensure that our membership in the conservative party is kept up to date. This will allow us to be active within our local Conservative riding associations, (now called Electoral District Associations (EDA)). The board of directors of each EDA will soon form a policy committee to propose policy resolutions for the Halifax Convention. It is critical that pro-life/family individuals volunteer and be embedded in their local EDA’s policy committee. This way, they can participate in the formulation of policy resolutions. Local EDA resolutions must be approved by the local board of directors, and at a regional or provincial meeting before they can be submitted to the National Policy Committee for ranking in determining which policy proposals will go to the 2018 National Convention. It is absolutely critical that the pro-life/family voice be heard in this long process to reach the National Convention.

If enough of us are involved and embedded in our local EDA, this is doable.

The benefit of being a member of your local EDA, is that it provides the opportunity to be involved in the nomination campaign to choose a candidate to run for your EDA in the 2019 federal election. If we want the Conservative Party to support pro-life/family legislation, it is up to us to elect pro-life candidates as Members of Parliament. Call your MPs office to get contact information for your EDA. They welcome volunteers.

Andrew Scheer will be the next Prime Minister

There is no doubt that Mr. Scheer will become the Prime Minister of Canada. The question is, when will this occur? Will it be the result of the federal election in 2019, or will it have to wait until the 2023 federal election when Mr. Scheer will be 44 years old – still younger than Justin Trudeau is today? This all depends on when Canadian voters become weary of Justin Trudeau’s fantasy that he is a prime minister, when he is merely a showman, jetting around having his photograph taken. He has no interest in ordinary Canadians. They are only used by him as props on which he stands to promote himself. What happens in the next elections depends a great deal on our efforts over the next year. It would be nice to hurry along Trudeau’s defeat.

Keeping in Touch with REAL Women’s National Office

It would be helpful if you could let the National Office know if you are involved in your local EDA. We would be pleased to provide you with any information or assistance in your efforts. This will also keep us up to date as the situation develops over the coming year.