REALity May, 2018                                                                                                                  Ottawa, ON

In 2017 the Status of Women operated with an appropriation of “only” $35,270,000. This was 19.4% more than the $29,542,000 appropriation it received in the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

The Status of Women also received a boost from the 2018 federal budget which included an additional $1,000,000 to the Status of Women to cover a five-year period. The explanation for this bonanza, was that the money was awarded to:

Support more initiatives to build the capacity of equality-seeking organizations

[feminist only] to reduce gender inequality in Canada and to promote a fairer and more productive society.

This translates into even more money being poured into feminist causes by the Status of Women completely ignoring the views of all other Canadian women.

Feminists Committing a Fraud on the Taxpayers

It is not widely known, but there are no such entities as “feminists groups” in Canada. The latter are an illusion, not reality. That is, there are no actual feminist organizations in existence. Instead, there are a handful of professional, white, well-educated professional feminists who claim to represent the views of all Canadian women. However, their so-called organizations do not actually exist, since they have no members and few supporters. Instead these professional feminists have created, for their personal benefit, an elaborate Potemkin Village to pretend that feminist organizations actually exist in order to lead politicians and the media to believe that their feminist opinions represent the views of countless women. They do not.

Under this pretense, millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money has been given to these front feminists over the years by the Status of Women, which is staffed solely by those sympathetic to feminist views. This has enabled these feminist professionals to pay themselves generous salaries, and to hire a few employees for the purpose of disseminating their personal ideology. This handful of professional feminists circulate as leaders among their fictional organizations with important sounding names whose sole purpose is to spread the feminist ideology throughout Canada.

This fraud on the Canadian taxpayer was made evident in September 2006, when the Conservative government stopped funding feminist groups for advocacy and lobbying. This resulted in the complete collapse of these organizations since they had no members to support them financially to replace the government handouts. The only few surviving feminists continued to operate due to the alternative funding from another government source, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), operated by Industry Canada, and by some union financing. The removal of government funding exposed them as the empty vessels they are.

The money provided by Justin Trudeau to these illusionary groups has given rise like a phoenix, to formerly dead feminist organizations, now being raised up once again to attempt to dominate Canadian society with their false ideology.

No Evaluation for Government Funding

The tragedy is that there has never been a proper evaluation of the Status of Women agency and its funding initiatives. It has operated, instead, largely free of scrutiny. In 2005 the Treasury Board did retain the services of an organization called Prairie Research Associates to try to evaluate and assess the value of the Status of Women. However, according to its report, this was an impossible task since there was little or no accountability by the groups receiving money from the agency since they were not required to justify their receipts or to submit any kind of strategic plan, or to demonstrate progress in achieving their supposed goals. There was also no clear link established to the original application made by the professional feminists to determine if the planned activities had been carried out, or whether any progress toward outcomes had been achieved.

In other words, taxpayers’ hard earned dollars are being spent carelessly with no consideration given to basic accountability or evidence of results.

Despite this report, the program continues today, serving as always as a full pot of gold for use by feminist leaders. Only in Canada.

Examples of some of the current grants by the Status of Women are as follows:

1. Equal Voice

In October, 2016 the Status of Women gave $1,000,000 to Equal Voice. The purpose of this grant was:

“to address some of the key systemic barriers that contribute to the under-representation of women in politics at the provincial, territorial, and federal levels in Canada.”

This huge grant was in addition to previous grants given to the same organization in 2016-2017 amounting to nearly $400,000.

2. Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF)

This organization is the legal arm of the feminist movement. It consists of a few feminist lawyers whose operational funds come totally from the Status of Women and its legal challenges (in 140 separate cases over the years) paid from the federal government’s Court Challenges Program. The latter program was disbanded by the Conservatives in 2006, but has now been reestablished under Justin Trudeau in 2017. LEAF will once again be influencing the courts in many legal challenges as it did in the past.

In 2016 this group received approximately $329,000 from the Status of Women in operating funds.

3. Federation des femmes du Quebec

In 2016-2017 Federation des femmes du Quebec received grants amounting to over $400,000 from the Status of Women. Its purpose allegedly was to advance opportunities and decision-making processes for women working in activist [feminist] organizations and labour unions, and to revitalize the women’s movement.

4. Child Care Advocacy Groups

In 2016, child care advocacy groups received approximately $500,000 to advocate for a national daycare plan.

5. Canadian Women’s Foundation

On March 13th, 2017, Canadian Women’s Foundation received a grant of $1,362,540 from Status of Women “to bring together a diverse group of 150 women leaders from across Canada, to take part in a pan-Canadian network for women’s equality”, all expenses paid by the taxpayers for this jamboree

6. Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA)

This group has received millions of dollars from the Status of Women to promote feminism in Canada since it began in 1999. Its specialty is to appear before UN monitoring committees to complain about Canada’s failure to push the feminist agenda and then have these biased UN Committees’ reports raised in Parliament as proof of Canada’s failure to promote the feminist cause.

7. Planned Parenthood Ottawa

On November 21st, 2016, Planned Parenthood Ottawa received a $285,000 grant to work “to improve services for women experiencing violence related to sexual and reproductive rights in the Ottawa area”.

For the year 2016-2017, Planned Parenthood Toronto received 75% of its $3.6 million funding from federal, municipal and provincial governments (only $113,643 from tax receipted donations).

The above are only a very few of the feminists who are receiving millions of dollars each year, to promote their unpopular ideology.

The Trudeau government believes all women think alike and clearly does not understand that women are not a single constituent vote, but are as varied as men in their opinions and perspectives. This belief is an insult to women’s intelligence and independence.